One Hot Product: Kink’s Issue III Frame


Sean Sexton and Kink are practically synonymous with each other at this point. Coming from the days of doing truckdriver fakies with a wild mess of hair sticking out from under his helmet on the back cover of Ride BMX, Sexton has grown with the company and has been rewarded with a signature frame, the Issue, currently on it’s third version. 

Much like the differences between the Tocco II and the OG Tocco frame, things have been tightened up a bit on the third version of Sean’s signature whip. The backend has gone from 13.75″ to 13.5″, making it a bit more responsive on manuals, bunnyhops, and other basic movements on the bike. Combined with the 75 degree head tube and 71 degree seat tube, the Issue has pretty standard geometry for a bike of this era. It’s a versatile design that works for street, park, dirt, etc.–well rounded, much like the riding Sean does.

Another major difference between the Issue III and the Issue II is the adaption of the EBS brake system, first pioneered by Flybikes. The EBS system allows for a quick removal and installation of brakes, allowing for spring tension to be maintained even while the brakes are off the bike. This is most certainly a step up from the standard style removable brake mounts featured on the second version of the Issue from Kink.

An up close version of the EBS system. The EBS brake system allows for easy installation and removal of brakes. Photo: Brady

The rest of the bike is pretty in line with the rest of Kink’s frames–three top tube sizes (20.5″, 20.85″, and 21″), 11.75″ bottom bracket height, 100% Seamless Sanko 4130 chromoly construction, an internally machined Spanish bottom bracket, integrated head tube, wide chainstays for tire clearance, investment cast hollow dropouts, and integrated chain tensioners. And while aesthetics are always subjective, I must say that the Issue isn’t too bad to look at either, with graphics staying the same from the previous model. The Issue III isn’t a complete overhaul, but a refinement from its predecessor, so if you see what you like, hit up your local Kink dealer or favorite mail order to get your hands on one of ’em today.