Northern Embassy 2014 Winter Mix

The Northern Embassy never disappoints and this new winter park mix is no exception. All the dudes kill it as you would expect, but to me Dillon LLoyd was a standout with that last clip.

Northern Embassy 2014 Winter Mix featuring a bunch of Montreal and Toronto homies. Featuring Corey Dewey, Albert Krolikowski, Greg Henry, Jordan Krupa, Mikael Cardin, Jeremy Deme, Dillon Lloyd, Jake Montgomery, Etienne Leblanc, Olivier Rousseau, Justin Kirnan, Francis Pasquino, Jason Kearnan, Pascal Harvey Cote, Luke St Clair, Zach St Clair, Jordan Petrov, Chijioke Okafo, and Spencer Bryant Longo.

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Deme.

Thanks to Joyride 150 and Le Taz for keeping us sane in the winter!

Anyone who snowboards out there knows this is a song jack but it’s a good song!”