NORA Cup 2016: Full Length Video Highlights

NORA Cup is an experience that everyone should live at least once. Yet the "here today gone tomorrow" nature of the event, and the fact that it's geographically based, not everyone gets to experience that… We brought it to Austin, Texas, and the past two years we've been back in Vegas. So for all of those who've not been fortunate enough to experience a NORA Cup, let these video highlight fill you in, and maybe next year is your year!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors / everyone who came out and partied with us!

AND congrats to all of the winners!

Legend Award: Dave Mirra

No. 1 Readers/Viewers Choice: Garrett Reynolds

No. 1 Dirt Rider: Kevin Peraza

No. 1 Video Part: Nathan Williams "Still United"

No. 1 Racer: Sam Willoughby

No. 1 Video: United "Still United"

No. 1 Ramp Rider: Dennis Enarson

No. 1 Flatland Rider: Viki Gomez

No. 1 Web Video Part: Ty Morrow – Fiend "No Bicycles"

No. 1 Street Rider: Nathan Williams