New Products: 12 Items You Don’t Want To Miss

Here are 12 new products from our March/April issue that you can’t miss. But if you did, you can check them out below, and while you’re at, you can also subscribe to Ride BMX: print & iPad.

One Love Raws Wheels
Price: $175 (front), $275 (rear)
Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz. (front), 2 lbs. 8 oz. (rear)
Colors: All black with red, yellow, and green spokes
Front wheel includes a 36-hole Primo VS rim, Primo N4FL hub with a 3/8" axle, plastic hub guards with alloy threads. The rear wheel features an RS rim and Remix hub, which is RHD/LHD, with a 9-tooth driver and 14 mm hollow chromoly axle.

The Shadow Conspiracy
Crow Sprocket
Price: $29.99
Weight: 2.1 oz. (25-T)
Colors: Perma Blue, Crimson Red, purple, copper, raw polish, black, white
Comprised of 5 mm thick 7075-T6 forged alloy with a CNC finish, 1/8" teeth, and a 15/16" bore with 19 mm adaptor included. Available in 25-, 28-, and 30-tooth, as well as a 3/32" version for those riders using 3/32" chains and drivers.

Price: $75
Weight: 1.73 lbs.
Colors: Stainless, black
Shane Weston's signature heat-treated multiple butted chromoly bars are 29" wide, with a 9" rise, 12° backsweep, and 2° upsweep.

Tate Roskelley V2 Drifter
Price: $335.99
Weight: 5 lbs. 1 oz. (21.1 TT)
Colors: Flat Platinum Blue, flat black
20.8", 21.1" TT
13.5"-14" CS
75° HT
71° ST
11.7" BBH
Tate's V2 Drifter is made from Sanko 4130 heat-treated chromoly tubing and features a double-butted TT and DT, double gussets, integrated HT, a wider BB shell, pinched CS to accommodate fatter tires, lower profile integrated seat clamp, lengthened and redesigned 4 mm heat-treated dropouts to clear a hub guard and peg throughout, and removable brake mounts and detangler tabs.

Mulville Push Stem
Price: $71.95
Weight: 9.65 oz. (48 mm with chromoly bolts)
Color: Matte black
Mark Mulville's signature top-load stem is now available in this new matte black colorway and in your choice of 48 or 53 mm reach, with chromoly or titanium bolts.

Aurora Frame
Price: $419.99
Colors: Black, blue
Weight: 5 lbs.
20.5", 20.8", 21" TT
13.75" CS
75° HT
71° ST
Dan Foley's signature frame is made from 100-percent heat-treated 4130 chromoly and features a hydro-formed triple-butted DT, integrated seatpost clamp, and removable mounts.

Antigram Hub
Price: $184.99
Weight: 14.5 oz. (with chromoly axle)
Colors: Metallic silver, Vapor Blue, black
This hub is loaded with features, beginning with a 36-hole, forged T6 aluminum shell, with sealed cartridge bearings, a 9-tooth 3-pawl design driver with independent springs and precision caged needle bearings, RHD/LHD compatible, in-bound axle bolts, and the choice of two axle options; 14 mm, 4130 chromoly bolts with 17 mm 4130 chromoly female axle, or 3/8" 4130 chromoly bolts with 17 mm aluminum female axle, and the option of either a 7075-T6 aluminum or proprietary plastic guard.

Groovetech Steering System
Price: $299.95 ($319.95, chrome)
Weight: 1.72 lbs. (bars), 9.5 oz. (stem), 2.1 lbs. (fork)
Colors: Chrome, raw, black, flat black (bars and fork), chrome, black (stem)
The Groovetech bar, stem, and fork combo is designed to keep your bars from slipping in any direction and to help stiffen up your front end. The Fate stem has two tabs, which align with two grooves on the fork's steerer tube—keeping your bars perfectly straight and aligned with your wheel. The Future bar and Fate stem lock into place via two shims, helping keep your bars from moving back and forth. The bars are available in 8", 8.25", and 8.5" tall, 28" width (8.50" has 29" width), and 2° upsweep, 12° backsweep. The post-weld heat-treated 4130 chromoly fork features an integrated bearing race, CNC steerer tube, and 6 mm-thick dropouts with peg cutouts. The Fate stem has a 50 mm reach and is Groovetech compatible only, but a "Half Groovetech" Fate stem is also available—which features the steerer tube tabs, but normal clamping for use with traditional bars. Everything is available as a kit or separately, and the bar and fork will also work with traditional stems.

Silencer Pegs
Price: $17.99
Weight: 10.7 oz. (pair)
Colors: Dark blue, Gang Green, Neon Orange, purple, red, white, black
Sean Morr's signature pegs are longer than most other plastic pegs on the market at 4.4" and are comprised of a 6061 aluminum inner peg with Stolen's proprietary Thermalite plastic outer sleeve. Go get your grind on.

Broadway Seat
Price: $32.99
Weight: 10.6 oz.
Color: Black
Features a 1/4" thicker top and 1/8" thicker sides than Animal's Cush seat, and a new Nylon base material which is more resistant to flex and failures from fatigue.

Action Bar
Price: $69.99
Weight: 26.3 oz.
Color: Black
Dave Belcher's post-weld heat-treated signature bar features an 8.25" rise, 28.25" width, 11.5° backsweep, and 2° upsweep.

Fat Ergo Seat
Price: $40.99
Weight: 11 oz.
Color: Black, brown, gray
Featuring the same ergonomic shape and comfort as Tree's slim seat, only fatter, and are reputed to have much softer inner foam than most other Pivotal seats.