Monster Army Recon Tour Round 5 Recap


Press Release:
"Wow! We just had the first ever amateur contest at Dave Mirra and Daniel Dhers‘s private facility.  I don’t think this Recon Stop could have been any better from the riding to the vibe. I can’t wait to head over to the west coast." — Mike Spinner


Final East Coast Stop of BMX Recon Tour from The Animal House in NC

SOLANA BEACH, CA (May 30, 2013) – The Monster Army Recon Tour presented by Replay XD, held the final East Coast stop last weekend at the Animal House in Greenville, NC. The Animal house has been around since the mid 00's and was owned and operated by the great, Dave Mirra. Now in 2013, pro BMX athlete Daniel Dhers rides, trains, as well as operates this iconic park. All of the athletes were ecstatic to be able to compete in a park where legends like Mirra and Dhers train on a daily basis.

The event was amazing throughout the day and a magnitude of huge tricks were being thrown down. Athletes were putting their bodies on the line trying to gain the top spot in their division. In order to take the top spot athletes were throwing tricks like front flips, double whips, 720s, and more to give them the edge. In the Play Open division, Jake Leiva, traveling all the way from Tehachapi, CA, ended up walking away with 1st place and the honor of getting invited to the Play Open Finals at Mike Spinner's park on September 7th. Jake was riding on another level than the field and even the great, Dave Mirra was on hand to witness the magic of his riding. We now know why Greenville, NC has been named Pro Town USA, and we wish Jake the best of luck on becoming the next great rider of our time.

Final results from each division: 
Play Open Final Results:

1. Jake Leiva
2. Derek Kenny
3. JC Knecht

16 + Final Results:

1. Ryan Dowell
2. Evan Gorczynski
3. Alex Leibrock

13-15 Final Results:

1. Jack Straiton
2. Chase Pauza
3. Justin Dowell

12 and Under Final Results:

1. Eddie Rovi
2. Ryan Worten
3. John Kovacs

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