Misunderstood Series: Desmond Rhodes

I am unsure is this is a full episode of this “Misunderstood” series or just a teaser, but either way Desmond Rhodes aka Blackman talks a little about his hardships growing up and how BMX helped him through it.

[Just to be clear, Blackman isn’t the first “black kid” on a cover of Ride. Shaun Butler had two covers and Edwin DeLaRosa had a cover before him. —Ryan]

MISUNDERSTOOD since 1989, Desmond Rhodes from Queens, NY is working his way up to be the top BMX rider in the country. His story of a "hard knock life" within the inner cities of NY is set to inspire anyone with a passion to follow their dreams. Desmond used bike riding as a way to flee from trouble; for him this was never considered to be a sport, but rather, a way of life. "My bike riding life is like a movie," says Desmond as he explains why he is misunderstood. Desmond one day hopes to aid the youth by helping them excel in their choice of activity, whether it is bike riding, skateboarding, or a passion for music; he hopes to serve as a figure of motivation.

Entree Lifestyle represents the livelihood of the misfits; Desmond "Blackman" Rhodes uses BMX riding as an outlet to release creative energy that is not meant for everyone to understand.

Shot + edited by Chris Cofer”