Looking Forward to 2013

2012 is a wrap. The world didn’t end and we’re all resuming life as normal. On the BMX side of things, we had a good 2012 and 2013 is looking to be even better–here are ten things to hope for and look forward to in the new year.

1. The Deadline crew finishes their DVD.

If you’re following the Deadline members on any sort of social media, you know that Tony Ennis is currently in the middle of finishing the epic, four plus years in the making DVD. And though it’s always rumored as being close to finished, it looks like it’s finally going to see the light of day in the new year. Garrett Reynolds’ section is obviously highly anticipated, and it goes without saying that Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Steve-O Croteau, Augie Simoncini, Colin and Kyle won’t disappoint. Expect street riding to progress a few steps after this one hits.

2. X-Games goes global and brings back BMX Dirt.

X-Games is expanding and also leaving the States for a bit by going global in 2013, with events in Brazil, Spain, and Germany alongside the current Los Angeles location. Details are still a bit thin at this point, but course renderings, the international appeal and the return of BMX Dirt is turning some heads and giving the events a bit more buzz than normal.

Rendering of the X-Games Park Course in Barcelona. Photo: ESPN

3. Company DVDs/Full Lengths hit the masses.

Full length videos are far from dead, despite a bleak outlook from a few years ago. Kink’s Squash It DVD is due out around March or April, MARKIT will be available on iTunes in October (according to their last edit), Stew Johnson has been stacking up footage for the Dan’s Comp DVD, and OSS have quietly been working on a full length. Considering the heavy talent in front of and behind the lenses of all these projects, BMX is going to be a heavy year for DVDs and truly presenting top shelf riding the way it deserves to be seen.

4. Crew Full Lengths

While there are numerous brands that will be wrapping up projects in 2013, there are plenty of crews of riders working on projects at the same time. On the West Coast of the US, the Common Crew are working on their Monster Mash video and just released a trailer for it. Long Beach is the central location for our very own Jeff Zielinski and Zach Krejmas’ Doorstep DVD–and these are just a couple of things that are going on within miles of my house. The Midwest has The Level Below’s latest full length project coming out in 2013 and it seems like something always pops up from NYC at least once a year. It’s cool to see people passionate enough about BMX to get together and make something creative and cool happen–how often does that happen outside of BMX riding?

5. Brands switching up the formula and making moves.

Tip Plus got a shot in the arm earlier this year by hiring John Richard to be their new brand manager in 2012–and plans for 2013 are already well in place. Primo have a stacked team to work with, Federal has a very strong US team again, and Lotek is making some serious moves in both the team and shoe design departments. A bit further south in San Diego, Dennis Enarson’s MARKIT project is running strong, with a highly anticipated full length out in October and their primary product, denim, to be dropping at some point in the year. And, having the most hype with the smallest amount of effort, Credence fans will finally be able to get ahold of product in 2013, hand tacked by Clint himself.

S&M’s Credence Frame. Photo: S&M

6. Hoping for better health in the new year.

2012 was a rough year for BMX as far as injuries went. There’s no need to recap the mayhem, so let’s just all hope for some better luck in the health department in the upcoming year, alright?

7. Insanely good ams.

There are some seriously talented dudes out there riding at a professional level, but haven’t gotten the bump to the pro team for one reason or another. These are a few of the dudes that are killing it super hard right now and don’t show signs of stopping in 2013: Cory Wiergowski, who now lives in California and has been on a murder spree, crooked grinding and doing the hardest shit on everything in sight. Andrew Castaneda’s riding is at a super high level right now and it doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down any time soon. Lil Dan apparently has some awesome stuff in the bag for Kink’s Squash It DVD. Erik Elstran has been going on pretty much every Sunday trip and killing it at home too. Jacob Cable has been getting some serious attention lately and has the skills to back it up. When you consider that this is an abbreviated list and that ultra-talented kids always end up popping up out of nowhere, 2013 is going to be another amazing year of riding from talented ams.

8. A full Brett Banasiewicz recovery.

A Christmas miracle was granted last week when Brett Banasiewicz got back on his bike after a heartbreaking and traumatic head injury happened mid-2012. It’s amazing to see how far he’s already come and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of Brett’s recovery in 2013.

TCU’s recent report on Brett’s recovery.

9. The international BMX scene growing bigger than ever.

Before BMX really saw the influence of the internet, BMX wasn’t the easiest thing to see and learn about internationally. However, the hundreds of thousands of BMX videos online in this day and age have seen the international riding scene flourish and be seen and recognized globally. It’s awesome seeing how much BMX has grown both talent wise and in size, and I’m really hoping we see the global BMX scene become even bigger and crazier in the new year.

Russia’s scene is so large, they have their own awards. Photo: bmxawards.ru

10. Even more talented kids riding better than ever, younger.

Complete bikes are built better, are more affordable, and are lighter than ever. And if you’re too small for a 20 inch bike, there are plenty of 16 and 18 inch options out there as well. These things considered, kids have been getting ridiculously good ridiculously quick–and at a very young age. I remember being 14 and struggling to grind high ledges on a Hoffman complete–in 2012, I filmed a 12 year old kid barspin gap double peg across a pyramid ledge. Considering what kids have to look up to and emulate these days on a professional level, 2013 is going to see even younger and more talented kids that before.

The clip mentioned in the paragraph above can be viewed in this video from earlier in 2012.