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Know Your Roll – Madera Bantam 22mm Cranks

If you’re at all familiar with Madera BMX, you probably already know that all of their offerings come from the minds and manufacturers of Florida’s Profile Racing, so although their products are a bit more budget conscious than their big brother brand, the quality of their output isn’t of any lesser value. With that said, rather than assault you with a barrage of sentences describing their new Bantam 22mm cranks, I’m going with bullet points that will tell you all that you need to know. Let’s get started, shall we?

•The Bantam cranks are a beefed up version of the Them Bones cranks, using Profile’s proven 48-spline spindle interface & their GDH 22mm spindle and flush-mounted bolts between two heat-treated 4130 chromoly arms.

•”Bantam” is defined as sports term referring to “a division between peewee and midget” (it also means “small chickens”), which is fitting when you consider that the BMX crank market consists of 19mm, 22mm and 24mm spindle options.

•The Bantam cranks are available in two sizes (165mm and 170mm), and in black only. Fewer color options help keep the costs down!

•Just because they’re in the same price range as Profile race cranks ($167.99), don’t go trading cranksets with the local park rat who’s looking to scam you. Bantams are strong and slightly heavier than the race cranks, but if you’re not actually on a race track, Bantams are the much safer route to go when it comes to durability.

•The Bantam cranks will work with both RHD and LHD setups, but if you’re running LHD, you can only run a spline drive sprocket, as the left arm is not tapped for a sprocket bolt. To some, this may be a downside, but let’s be honest; even though they’re slightly more difficult to install, the spline-drive interface is the best thing to change in drivetrain technology since the invention of the Mid bottom bracket. Not only are they a better setup, but they’re lighter than a bolt drive crank arm! Also, anyone who runs 2.5 piece cranks will tell you they run into a similar problem, but they have to run bolt drive, so Madera’s option is the clear winner in my book.

If that rundown didn’t convince you that the Madera Bantam’s are worth your while, maybe the video above will do the trick? How about that sweet pic of Dan Foley? Regardless, the Bantam’s are available now from Profile direct, or from your favorite Profile/Madera dealer. If you need any more inspiration, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @maderabmx, and for a rundown on all things both Madera and Profile, point your browser to now.