Kink Bikes – Intervention Live Stream

Here it is! Today Kink Bikes will be premiering their latest full-length video project, “Intervention.” Tune in for the live stream premiere at 12 noon (pst) / 3pm (ET), with an encore showing at 5pm (PT) / 8pm (ET). Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for your mind to be blown to smitherines. Dan Coller’s section alone is reason enough to be stoked, so GET HYPED!!!

ALSO!! During the live stream premiere, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the Kink team through their YouTube page. Just click here.

And the countdown begins… But while you wait, be sure to check out this gallery of Intervention Imagery, Interviews, the amazing Travis Hughes Spotlight that we produced, and more exclusive Kink content.

This is Kink BMX – Intervention. A culmination of riding from the entire Kink BMX team filmed over the last part of 2015. Filmed by Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, and Calvin Kosovich in the Southwest USA, California, East Coast USA, Costa Rica, Barcelona, and Latvia. This was an effort to not only get the whole team together, and showcase Kink for 2016…but to also take some time to have fun, shed light on the intricacies of your favorite Kink riders, continue traveling, put a bangin’ soundtrack together, and hope that this project gets you motivated to ride each day you click play!

On top of that….We broke our own guidelines to the video…and present you a full scale, real deal, Dan Coller Video Part. Filmed over the course of 2015 and during the filming for Intervention….there’s not many words that can sum up just how crazy this riding is. It is something you need to witness in video…and hopefully catch a session with Dan in person, to truly appreciate and respect. Dan is pushing burly, fast street riding…at a scary pace.

Edited by Darryl Tocco