Inter-Ride Your-Bike Jam 2016: Craig Ranch Park

For the second year in a row we held our Inter-Ride Your-Bike Jam at the Craig Ranch park in Las Vegas during Interbike week. The local turnout was huge and we had plenty of pros in the house as well—at one point it even seemed like the Fit team was putting on a damn demo! Locals and pros alike were going off—the dude who crashed last year trying to ninja drop off an awning—Jonathan Bronson (@bronsonbmx)—redeemed himself, Zach Scirone (@zackscirone) nosebonked a dude's head (and won a GoPro Hero4 for it), and we gave out another Hero4 to T.J. Ettinger (@tj_BMX11) for killing it over the box jump with loads of style, and Chad Curtis (@chard_mander) walked away with a Stranger frame for shredding the grinds all night (with metal pegs). But it's safe to say that everybody rolled out with something free thanks to the generous product donations from Vans, GoPro, GT Bikes, Kink, Stranger, Dans, Fox, and Mongoose. Things definitely got loose a couple of times and eventually the park security guard tried to shut it down and close the park early but nobody listened to him so he called the cops. The police rolled up deep so we got the message after that. Thanks again to all the brands who supported the jam, all the locals and pros who showed up, and to Reed Stark and Austin Aughinbaugh for helping keep the stoke going all night long on the mic.