Every week for the next seven, we'll be releasing sections from our 2008 video, Insight, filmed by Ryan Navazio. First up, we have the intro alongside what I consider to be Dakota Roches' breakout section…


"Each person deals with their own battles when filming a video part. With Insight, I wanted to use the video to convey that idea. I wanted the audience to be able to connect with a rider by seeing something they could relate to other than just tricks.

When it was first confirmed that I'd gotten the opportunity to make this video, the first person I had in mind to have a video part was Dakota Roche. At the time when we started filming it was obvious to me that Dak was going to do big things in BMX. It just so happened that he also lived a few blocks away from where I was staying at the time (renting a room from Todd Lyons). 

Dak and I shared a similar passion for videos and he was a huge motivator during the whole process. The one thing that stands out the most years later is his enthusiasm for the project. He'd show up early at my place to wake me up to go film or call me when I was out of town to tell me about a spot he had in mind. He also owned a vx2000 and was always down to help shoot and drive people around in his creepy white work van. I'm pretty sure his part ender was filmed on Thanksgiving Day." —Ryan Navazio

How old were ya when Insight came out?
DAKOTA: I was 20.

What's your first thought when someone brings up your Insight section?
Well, Navi and I were pretty much next door neighbors during that time so I just think of filming everyday in sunny Califonira. Amazing times. "Cause they know I'm in love with the sun."

Rockin' Fit and some big ol Loteks in most of the clips…what fond memories do you have of that time period?
Plenty of fond memories. That time period is when I first started getting to travel, film everyday and ride with a bunch of people I looked up to. I really was a dream come true.

This was the first time you worked with Navaz and Ride in this sense; what was the whole experience like for you?
It was a great honor and learning experience. That fact that people had faith in me filming a full part while I was still AM was really motivating. I wanted to put out something I was proud of.

What's your favorite clip from the section?
Probably the hanger to drop nose and fakie pegs to drop down fakie nose at Pacifica. This was before dudes were really messing with a lot of grind to nose combos so it felt amazing rolling away from those ones. I was prepared to be there for a while trying 'em, but they worked way faster then I thought they would. I remember that day so vivid, it's crazy.

Any clips that make you cringe these days?
Not really, haha. I'm still pretty stoked on how that part turned out.

I never noticed until I re-watched it, but the clip at 3:23 has the word "cult" lingering in it for way too long. Foreshadowing?
Van Homan actually brought that up to me a few years back before I noticed it… I guess the footy tells the future sometimes.

You've had a few video parts; how does your Insight section rank in there?
I think it's still one of my favorite parts I've had. I love the song, I love the way it's put together, I love the way it's filmed and I love the memories tide to that time period.

How would you say your riding changed since then (if at all)?
My riding is still pretty similar, I think. I still love wallrides, 180's, and nose manual combos. I guess I've added a few pegs and tricks since then, but overall the song remains the same.

What about your life in general?
A lot has changed with my life since then, haha. That was seven years ago so I have years of travels and new experiences under my belt. I'm more open-minded and have more questions then ever. I still love riding and filming just as much though, that's for sure.

If you could pass on any advice to little Dak in 2008, what would it be?
I'd tell him to keep doing what he's doing. He had no idea that BMX would treat him as well as it has. I'd also tell him not to stress the little things, but then again, I'm telling him that right now, too.