Darryl Tocco's full section from our 2008 video, Insight…


“Darryl Tocco and the Bad Timing crew were pretty legendary in the South Jersey area. One of the reasons I picked Tocco to have a part was his ability to balance being both a videographer and a rider. Having filmed the Bad Timing videos and also having full video parts was admirable. I wanted Insight to touch on the idea of being a both a rider and videographer so Tocco was the man for the job. Prior to Insight he had been on some Standpoint trips and we even did a Bad Timing section in Standpoint 6. He had just gotten on Kink and was starting to make more of a name for himself outside of the South Jersey area so it was perfect timing (no pun intended) for him to have a part in the video. Prior to Insight, Jeff Z and I used to drive around on filming/photo missions listening to Sonic Youth song "Incinerate." We always talked about how perfect it would be for a part and Darryl ended up riding to it in the video.” —Ryan Navazio


How old were ya when Insight came out? 
Darryl: 24 I believe? I could do the math but I’m feeling lazy right now, ha.

What’s your first thought when someone brings up your Insight section?
Go faster.

You were still in Jersey at that time, what fond memories do you have of that time period?
During the filming I was working the last job I had and living with two of my best friends, it was dope. It seemed like every other weekend Dakota or Davey was crashing at the crib and having a good time. Dak had his birthday the one weekend and my house was wild while Dak slept through most of the party we were having for him, haha. I met a lot of people and made a lot of close friends during the making of that video. Shit was sick, riding BMX started taking up 100% of my time. Still crazy to think about.

This was the first time you worked with Navaz and Ride in this sense; what was the whole experience like for you?
Navaz had been looking out for me for years before that, he took me and my homie Larson on our first trip ever, and inspired me to start filming and traveling. When Navaz got the job I had just gotten on Kink so it worked perfectly, I couldn’t fuckin' believe it when he asked me to film a part. A few weeks later I’m shooting photos with Jeff Z and Fudger, trying my best to make it look I deserved to be there. I was seriously tripping. Pretty crazy feeling.

What’s your favorite clip from the section?
I think the big pole jam to Bar, that shit was like two seconds from our house. Somehow I had Navaz and Fudger shooting on our block in Audubon, NJ, I think that was what made it so cool for me. Like “Yo, Fudger flew from California and now he’s setting up flashes in our little town”

Any clips that make you cringe these days?
There’s a bunch, haha. I was still kind of developing my style in hindsight (no pun intended). I don’t like my rollouts and my bike colorway was hurting, haha. I was broke at the time, too, so those jeans aren’t looking very good. If I were filming those clips today I would be going considerably faster, I think. I’m still doing the same shit trick wise, though; that’s just how I ride.

You’ve had a few video parts; how does your Insight section rank in there?
It’s definitely not my favorite, but I’m not hating too hard. There’s some moves in there that I don’t do very often so that’s fun to see.

How would you say your riding changed since then (if at all)?
It’s pretty similar, honestly. Like I said before, I’m going faster these days and I think my riding is way more refined now. That just comes with maturity I think.

What about your life in general?
I’m all BMX, all the time. I was bussing tables while I was filming for that. Now I live in Austin and get to chill, I’m a lucky dude.

If you could pass on any advice to little Darryl in 2008, what would it be?
Go faster, and be ready for tax season.

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