How To Have Your Content Featured On

We get a huge volume of submissions to Ride on a daily basis–but when running into riders, photographers, videographers, etc., many do not know the proper way to go about it, or don’t even realize that they can do it themselves. Learn how to get your hard work featured on the pages of our website in our how to below.


E-mail is, without a doubt, the easiest channel to submit content to. You can send any submissions to myself at [email protected], and I’m always happy to look over videos, photos, etc. sent to this address. We have two pools that we feed content into–one for the best of the best, and one for features that are pretty cool, but just aren’t up to par in the riding department, filming department, etc. A well written description that gives credit to the rider, filmer(s), editor, music, background, etc. always helps your chances too.


We’ve got a section of our website dedicated strictly to our readers and their photos and videos It’s pretty easy to do–scroll down below the features to “YOUR STUFF,” and click on either Upload Images or Upload Photos (whichever is applicable) and fill in the proper forms. Fill it out all proper, and your video or photo will end up in the  “Your Stuff” area of our website.


There are a lot of talented photographers and videographers out there today–but in the sea of content online, it’s a bit hard to get your work noticed sometimes. Fortunately, we’re always happy to accept submissions from photographers and videographers trying to get their work and their name out there in a bit more substantial way than just sending in a photo or video. If you think you’ve got what it takes to rise above the rest and show off your work, send some low res photos (600px on the longest side) or your best videos to [email protected] and we’ll let you know if we’d like to do a larger interview feature with you.