Hot Spots with Dakota Roche: March 21, 2007

We got Dak to list five hot spots and tell us why he likes them so much.Vancouver, HB, Pala, Civic Center and Portland all make the list—read on to see why.

Name: Dakota Roche
Age: 19
Sponsors: Fit Bikes, Lotek, Goods BMX

 credit: Fat Tony

The Skate Plaza – Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Definitely one of the best places I have ever ridden for sure. The first time I got to ride there was last summer on the Lotek Vancouver trip. The reason it was so special was because I was asked to be on Lotek only two weeks before the trip and it was the first spot we rode. A combination of riding with some of the best riders for the first time and an awesome spot made it unforgettable.

Pala Pool – Somewhere in SoCal
This pool has brought me many good sessions with my friends and some crazy experiences. The pool has amazing tranny, and it’s so famous, it’s always a treat to ride and chill at because you realize your riding a piece of skateboarding/BMX history. Plus, my first photo in a magazine was in this pool so it adds sentimental value. No homo.

Wedge ride-to-180 over the bench with style.  credit: Fat Tony

Huntington Beach, California
Huntington Beach is where I have lived for the majority of my life. I lived in the same house in HB until December 2004, then I moved up to Olympia, Washington with my parents until November ’06. At that time I felt like I needed to move back to my roots where there is the sun, mad riding spots, hot girls and a bunch of longtime friends. I love it here, and very happy to be back.

 credit: Fat Tony

Santa Ana Civic Center – Santa Ana, California
The Civic Center is another one of those spots that is a piece of history. Aside from that, its one of the best spots that you could possibly chill and ride at ever… If you’re just tryin’ to have a chill sesh, you go to Civic. If you’re tryin’ to OD and film, you go to Civic, haha. My last civic session was not one to be forgotten any time soon. Long story short, myself, Rob-o, Chase Hawk and Joe Rich were just tryin’ to have a chill afteroon session, and we all ended up with misdemeanors (except Chase, LUCKY!), which was weird because I’ve never even gotten talked to by a cop there before that day. I guess the block was hot sonnnnn!

Double peg grind across the top of the bench-to-hop over into the bank.  credit: Fat Tony

Portland, Oregon
Portland is a seriously awesome city just in general. The ideal time to be there is in the summer for sure, because the weather is nice, the girls are out, downtown has an abundance of spots, and there is at least ten dudes tryin’ to ride on any given day. Not to mention some good pizza from Hot Lips and some great homies (Shad Johnson, Vince Kroff, Chet Blacksmith, Rich Hirssch, Eddie Cleveland). You gotta watch out for the Goods BMX vortex though, and for those of you that don’t know what that is, its pretty much what happens when you go to Goods BMX shop to meet up with homies to ride and you end up staying there ALL DAY!!!! It always happens, hahaha.

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