Hot Spots With Brian Kachinsky

We can always count on Brian Kachinsky to come through when we ask him to do something, so when we got a few new photos of him and hit him up for this Hot Spots feature, we knew we were in for a treat. And so are you… Check out BK’s top five foreign hot spots of the past 12 months. -Fat

Brian Kachinsky - Gap To Icepick - Photo:Jeff Zielinski

Name: Brian Kachinsky
Age: 28
Location: Chicago, IL
Sponsors: DK Bicycles, Etnies, Action Village, Arnette, 661, Cti

I've been lucky enough to travel quite a bit to ride my bike. Each place is unique and it's hard to narrow down which ones I liked best. In order to keep it more simple I'll narrow it down to the last year or so. My sponsors, teammates, friends and I have had some great times. In addition to hanging with my friends I've been fortunate to make new friends in all of these places as well. I often judge a place by its people before I look at other qualities. More often than not, however, the places I've visited have had great people, sights, sounds, tastes and adventures.

While paging through my passport I've narrowed it down to the top five foreign hot spots I've had the pleasure of visiting.

1. Spain
Before May of last year I have never been to Spain even though I've heard so many good things about it, AND have some great friends/teammates there. I've visited Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, and Granada since then. Riding-wise Barcelona is nearly impossible to beat. I had the time of my life there. It was nine days of non-stop riding—absolutely amazing. Madrid and Malaga are my favorite spots for food and friends. Between Sergio Layos’ mother's great cooking and Malaga's palella and bread I never went hungry. The hospitality of my friends in Spain was amazing as well! (Thanks Sergio, Angel, Mcguyver, Javi, and Fernando!)

Photo courtesy of Brian Kachinsky.

2. Nicaragua
When my good friend from Milwaukee, Mike Hinkens, invited me to visit him in Nicaragua I didn't know what to expect. I was quickly welcomed by friendly locals, sunshine, volcanoes, mango trees, awesome spots, and a few shady police officers. Every day of this trip was an adventure. Mike and his girlfriend put us up in their place and showed us the ropes of this economically challenged, but beautiful place. I'd do this trip over again in a heartbeat!

Tight doorway squeeze gap to flat. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

3. Estonia
Two words: Simpel Session. This country along with this event are amazing, and the two compliment each other perfectly. On one hand you have beautiful ancient architecture, and on the other hand you have wi-fi everywhere and some of the most progressive riding you'll see anywhere… The best of both worlds. Estonia also borders Russia, which makes it interesting, and makes me want to visit there too! Travel is addicting.

4. Finland
After Simpel Session this year I took a ferry across the Baltic Sea to Helsinki, Finland. I was greeted there by Antti of Signature BMX and Erico Melo. Erico showed me around the city, skateparks, and restaurants, and taught me a lot about Finland. It was winter, which made for beautiful sightseeing, but impossible to ride outdoors. I did ride the Signature mini-ramp as well as a skatepark inside an old bunker many stories underneath the Earth…basically a manmade cave. It was insane! I need to go back in the summer and take advantage of some of the awesome street spots Helsinki has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Brian Kachinsky.

5. Iraq
When I was 13 years old and learning no-footers in my driveway, never did I think that I would some day be riding a bike in a war zone. When Nate Wessel and Christian Schauf invited me to Iraq I didn't know what to expect, but jumped at the chance to be a part of this opportunity. No matter how far away and dangerous this place may be, it is something that I'll never forget and a feeling that previous to that was unmatched in all my years riding BMX. There were many stories/photos on my Ride BMX blog, but even now I still recall new stories from the trip. The whole tour was a success—such as success that we are going back again in June. Anyone remember back when Nate was referred to as Sergeant Wessel? Ironic.

Photo courtesy of Brian Kachinsky.

I want to keep going and talk about Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, Denmark and Sweden, but I'll spare you guys my rambling and stop at five. Have fun riding bikes, and if given the chance…TRAVEL! BMX is everywhere.

Photo courtesy of Brian Kachinsky.