Garrett Reynolds’ Shoes and Frame Winner Announced

When we posted Garrett’s part from the Nike Video we said we’d give a pair of Nike 6.0s and a Premium frame to the best comment left in the post. After getting more than 41,000 views and more than 500 comments we finally have a winner. A big congratulations goes out to Anthony Sam out of Arizona for his smart remark…

On November 26th Anthony wrote:
“You can’t win if you don’t enter. So here is my shot. PS: Giraffes are way cooler than zebras.”

We know Anthony never thought he would win in a million years but he went ahead and dropped a quick comment anyway. But if you think about it, life is always like that… You never know until you try. So wether it is a contest on, a contest at your skatepark, or anything else in life, always give it a shot because Anthony is right. You can’t win if you don’t enter.

Oh, and since Jeff Z. is obsessed with giraffes, that was icing on the cake!

Here’s a look at what Anthony won!

Premium Frame

Nike 6.0 Air Insurgent