Friday The 13th Story Time: Christian Rigal and The Russian Feeble

There’s still two hours left on this Friday the 13th. Christian Rigal hit me up randomly today mentioning that on Friday, July 13th, 2012, we were in Moscow, Russia, shooting an attempt at a monster gap-to-feeble. I never did anything with the bail attempt because Christian swore we would make it back to Moscow to give it another attempt for his Markit Zero section. And true to it, just a year later, we made it there again… The superstition behind Friday the 13th is whatever to me, but if anything, it gives me an excuse to run these photos and some words from the man who traveled across the world for a chance at redemption…

We’ll have a full article with the Markit Zero Bangers in the December issue of the mag. This is nothing in comparison.

The first attempt this massive feeble to gap on July 13th, 2012. Photo: Fudger

“Friday the 13th is usually known for being “unlucky”, but for me, I think it was the other way around. We were in Moscow Russia for the Adrenaline games contest and decided to stay after and ride some street. I had been looking for a big feeble to gap for a while now and was hyped when I found this one. We came back on the last day of the trip to give it a go and things didn’t really work out as planned, but somehow I didn’t get killed haha. I pedaled as fast as I could, yanked a little too hard and had to hit the eject button. Some how I ran out of this with nothing more then some cuts an bruises.. I wanted to try it again, flipped a coin and it said no, which was then followed by an insane rain storm which made it clear that I should let it be.

Fast forward a year and I get another chance to come back to Russia for the same contest, so of course I want to go and try it again. But this time I got killed on the warm up, cased the set a few times, slid out into a ledge full speed, and then I cased it again, got throw off the bike and slid off the second set. I was pissed, hurt, and bummed, but what can ya do, some clips just aren’t meant to be. I’m just gonna let that one go.” —Christian Rigal

Notice that Christian had already ripped his elbow up in this photo. And while it may not look that bad in this photo, Christian cased the top stair, and went flying…
Done and done. Photo: Fudger