Friday Interview: Cult’s Am DVD Small Talk

There’s a lot of things good about the fact that Cult is doing a DVD with their Am dudes. One, this project means that they’re not taking the normal “sabbatical” that a lot of brands end up doing after coming off of a big project like  Talk Is Cheap. Two, the DVD and project as a whole shows that maybe we know the difference between an am rider and a pro rider. And three, it solidifies the idea that am dudes should have more of a role on a brand than just plaza edits and a box of goods every two months. With the trailer dropping earlier this week, I hit up the dude in control of Small Talk, Richard Krumm…better known as Veesh.

Veesh and crew…

So the idea behind Small Talk in BMX is something relatively new…how’d doing an Am video come about?
Well an am video has been something that Robbie and I had talked about for awhile. Talk Is Cheap had just came out and it seemed like a good time to try something new. The pro team fully backed it and wanted to give the younger dudes some shine. We went for it and it’s been fun so far.

Being an “amateur” in BMX is a massive gray area anyway, so what’s Cult’s stance on the blurriness and the progression of turning pro these days?
We are trying to establish a clearer line by doing things like $MALLTALK and farming riders up through projects like this. As an am you can’t completely rely on the people hooking you up to move forward. Be in it cause you love it and learn from the dudes that have been around for a while. If you’re trying to go somewhere quick you might just stay put. That being said, the rest kinda happens form being a good rider and that's all on you.

Iz Pulido, ledge feeble…

Talk Is Cheap was what, a two year project? How long have you guys been filming for Small Talk?
Well we are coming up on a year now but I’m pretty sure it was going to be a six-month project. We ran into a few set backs here and there but I'm stoked on how hard everyone worked film for this project.

You showed me (most of) the intro to Small Talk a while ago, but I was sort of surprised to see that it dropped on Wednesday because you guys aren't releasing the video for a little while…
We thought it’d be cool to release something on the new Cult site so we decided on a $MALLTALK promo. I’ve seen a lot of trailers used as the intros to videos, so I thought just release it as the intro and it’s like a sneak peak to the rest of the video.

Check the promo again while you’re here…

Small Talk will be released online, but there’s a lot more to it than the usual rolling out sections at a certain interval. What are the plans?
In this day and age everything’s on demand, so I thought we could try out online video project for $MALLTALK. Almost everything you watch is on your computer or air played to you’re TV off your phone. The thing I thought was most important was to not forget that we are working on a full-length project and to make sure it all fits together in the end. BMX videos were first made off VHS and then the DVD and now in cyber space. I fell the content is the same, so its up to us to treat it as such. We’ll be having multiple premieres for it and eventually release it on a micro site, photo gallery, and full version along with each part for your viewing pleasure. We are also printing DVD'S and we should have ’em at the premier on March 2nd at the Cult Clubhouse.

Who has full sections?
Timmy Theus, Andrew Castaneda, Josh Alderete, Steven Mack, Iz Pulido.

What’s been an average weekend like since you started filming Small Talk?
Filming during the week is hit or miss most days. I also have other work I have to shuffle around to get out but the weekends go hard haha. Trips defiantly help the project but really that’s the best part in my opinion. I think everyone was stoked on getting to travel a little. We didn’t go to far but even a weekend trip could make some good memories.

Floyd, wallride pullover…

I know Iz has had a full section before, but for a couple of the guys, this will be their first full section. Even though this is more of an online project, I got the feeling when hanging out with you guys that it’s being treated more like a DVD…
In the beginning it wasn’t clear how it would end up, but only a few months into filming it was clear that it was more than a mixtape. Everyone rallied together to take the project serious, trips were planned, spots were mapped out, schedules were juggled, etc. Vibes were light and fun times were had.

Is that feeling part of the reason that you guys decided recently to release DVDs, too? 
We were always were gonna do a DVD, but we wanted to have a strong web presence as well this time around.

Iz Pulido, three into the bank…

Cult has obviously taken the stance that they’re a firm believer in DVDs, but the web is obviously un-deniable…is releasing it online and DVD a compromise of sorts?
Might be the new style of how things are released, so now I feel we gotta deliver. Thinking about it tonight I got put a bunch of extras on the DVD to make it even better. Damn that means I gotta get to work haha.

Since this is an am video, does the pro squad get a mix section?
No, the pro team definitely wanted the am's to get shine. Timmy Theus jumped in because he didn’t get a full part in Talk Is Cheap; Andrew Brady helped him film it. Filming a full section is a must for any am rider aspiring to move up, $MALLTALK is a way to do it.

Andrew Casteneda, feeble…

You guys are planning a premiere; do you have details on that yet?
March 2nd Cult Clubhouse Grand Opening and premiere for $MALLTALK, details soon.

When’s the full release date online? 
Shortly after the premiere. We’d like to give shops sometime to get their own premieres going if they want to get involved.

Any thanks?
I gotta thank the $SMALLTALK squad, of course. They’ve done more than just ride. They’ve helped with second angles, taking pictures and pretty much anything they could. Javi at Cult, Adam Roye for helping with the sound track. Ryan Marcus at Fox for your input. And, without a doubt, Robbie Morales for helping put it all together and keeping everyone motivated to get this project started and see it through to the end.

Jayson Johnson, unlookback…