Federal’s Steven Hamilton Interview

The past couple of weeks have seen more Steven Hamilton activity than usual, with a new self produced edit, a few new photos, and today, an interview from longtime frame sponsor Federal Bikes. Federal’s lengthy interview is the best synopsis of Hamilton activity that’s been online lately, with a solid gallery of photos and a very to the point interview. Every topic of rumor and speculation is discussed in the article, with the Columbus, Ohio native speaking openly about past mistakes, misinterpretation by the BMX media followed by the public, and even goes on to say, “I want to go back to San Francisco, I'm just kind of scared because the things I want to do there are so dangerous…I think if I go back in the summer time I will be good so I want to go back there and ride.

He later indicates that he will be putting all of his footage towards the new Animal video project that is currently in the works in some capacity–it looks like we might get another amazing section via the lens of Bob Scerbo after all. With Hamilton’s apparent channeled focus, this could be the year he raises the bar for BMX again.

Steven’s “Can I Eat” section for Animal Bikes