Demarcus Paul – Feeble Talk (EP. 09)

An Interview with Deemo

Welcome to Feeble Talk Home Edition. Aka Low-Fi. Aka the studio squad was busy all week. Aka there’s no green screen and the audio isn’t as good either because I don’t have foam on my walls. But yes, let’s not have that distract from what I think is probably the most solid, interesting FT (that I’ve done, at least) with Volume/Animal pro Demarcus Paul…

Courtesy Timeline:
3:40 – How Demarcus fractured his leg
6:35 – iTunes section with Christian Rigal
10:10 – Working at a chicken factory in Southern Georgia
13:20 – Losing everything and moving to California
20:20 – Carless in San Diego
27:35 – Turning down Volume Am and waiting for Pro
32:00 – Leaving Merritt and joining Animal
38:00 – Early influential video part (Ian Munro – Kink Wasted Days)
41:44 – Recent influential video part (Christian Rigal – Still United)
43:40 – Demo’s top five favorite tooth hangers of all time
49:40 – Peer Q&A (AKA, the Volume team asks Demo questions via video)
1:11:23 – Demarcus wants to be a motivational speaker



And here’s the podcast version for ya if you wanna go that way…