Video: Off The Deep End

With summertime temperatures hovering around 115 degrees, it should come as no surprise that Phoenix has the most swimming pools per capita than any other city in the world. That fact, along with Arizona being hit particularly hard by the housing bust has created ideal conditions for pool riding. With nearly an endless supply of terrain, putting this video together was as simple as rounding up good friends and grabbing some buckets.

Featuring Drew Hosselton, Adam Banton, Brian Grant, Josh Betley, Noid, Aaron Maxwell. Filmed/edited by Drew Hosselton.

You’re best known for hunting down unique street setups and adapting your tricks to them. So how does riding pools compare to your usual riding scenario?
Drew Hosselton:
It's pretty much the same concept, you have the terrain in front of you and you have to figure out how you are going to ride it. Whether it's a ledge, ditch, or pool I feel like the thought process is the same, kind of the “what can I do on this?” mentality. If anything, that process is under a magnifying glass in a pool because you are sessioning a small area for a longer time than you might on street.

Is riding pools something you do sporadically, or fairly consistently?
I will say it definitely comes in waves. We could go a year without touching one, and then a sick new one will pop up and it's just of frenzy of that's all we want to ride. In Phoenix there are so many pools it's insane, it seems damn near infinite and once you find one there is usually another close by. It takes a lot of work to clean out a pool, and usually once the heat comes or we get a big rain the frenzy is over and we don’t ride them for a bit.

You mentioned just getting a camera, how long have you been filming and how many edits have you put together?
I picked one up a few months ago because filming was something I had always wanted to get into. Once I got started the interest really wasn’t there as much as I had expected. The camera gets used, but not really as much as I had intended. I made a short edit prior to this for our local shop, Kore Bikes, but that is really the extent of my filming/editing experience.

How’s the pool scene in AZ overall these days?
It's good as always, there is always someone who would be down to do some carves and we have a handful of really good pools that have remained pretty bust free. It's starting to get really hot here, so I would expect that the pool season is pretty well over for the year.

Who’s been killing it in the pool world lately?
I know Enns and Rooftop have been killing it, and Chad Osburn of course. He very well could be the best pool rider of all time, that dude kills everything, but he really shines in a pool.

What's the backstory for Off The Deep End? How did it come about?
There really isn’t too much of a backstory. I hurt my knee a few months back and while recovering from that it seemed like riding pools was really the only thing I could do without wincing in pain. A few carves around the light was about the extent of what I could do, but I would always bring my camera to film everyone else ripping. Before I knew it I had a couple minutes of footage already, and when I was able to get back on it we started to go really hard with it. I don’t really know where the name Off the Deep End came from. I think a few of us just started using it as a hashtag on Instagram and the name just kind of stuck.

How long did you guys work on it?
It probably took a few months start to finish. Sundays were usually our pool days, so really just one day a week for a couple months. Making a video was just sort of a side effect, it was mostly just about riding something really fun with all the homies and all the clips just sort of came together.

You’ve been hard at working filming for Volume’s new video Watch The
Finer Things so it must have been a nice change of pace to just bust out an edit with your homeys…
Definitely, the stress level goes down dramatically. There’s not really anything revolutionary you are going to do in a pool, so it's more about filming what's fun or exhilarating and just hope it translates well to video.

Are you going to have any pool clips in your Volume video part?
I filmed a couple so hopefully [Mike] Mastroni will use them. Like I said, there isn’t anything revolutionary you are going to do in a pool, so it can be a little tough to do DVD level clips in one.

Do you have any interesting stories? Any close calls, sketchy people, cops, etc…
We got pretty lucky while filming for this. Getting caught by cops or homeowners are probably the two worst-case scenarios—and we got caught by the cops at one pool then a homeowner at the next pool on the same morning. My two biggest nightmares in one day, but they were both cool and we got off easy. Part of the fun of riding pools is the sketchy factor, but I feel like we took great care to cover our tracks (literally) and fly under the radar.

Have you ever put in the same amount of time looking for pools as you do for street spots?
It's hard to say, but I consider them to be the same thing. If I am looking for street spots I have my eyes peeled for pools and vice versa. Most of the ones we found involved seeing a boarded up house or hotel then checking Google Earth to see if there was a pool there. Google Earth is a really good tool, but make damn sure it's vacant before going in.

Have you ever gotten the chance to hit some pools with Jason Enns? It seems like he posts a photo of a new pool on his Instagram a few times a week…
Every time Jason makes it out to Arizona I make it a point to try to bring him to some, he has taken me to a couple out his way. We took a trip to Colorado last week and went to the Colorado Springs Park which is very easily one of the best parks in the US. Everyone was shredding the whole place and Enns and I sessioned the fake pool in the back for like two hours.

Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End
Off The Deep End

All photos by Gregory Moliterno