Dave Mirra Talks About His Personal Riding Warehouse: October 25, 2007

Dave has a luxury most riders will only dream of; a personal warehouse to ride any time he wants.We caught up with Dave to get some answers to warehouse-related questions to go with a few photos we have of him riding his home turf.

What has been the amount of riders in there at one time?
The most has probably been 25.

Who has been the most impressive guest to watch in the warehouse? Most impressive single trick you’ve seen go down there?
I would say everyone has their days. The session that go down on a regular basis are pretty sick. Lots of progression. Some days it’s a 1080, some it’s a triple whip, some, who knows… Lately a lot of big stuff has been going down on a daily basis.

Big ole flair out of the bank to barrier.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Your best trick you ever did there?
I got a few I like; no-handed 360 flip, wall to switch flair, and roll in flip,

Anything you are currently working on behind closed doors?
Lines really, a lot of back to back stuff.

Has there been one session over the years that really stands out as being the best?
There was a sick session this summer in the middle of the tour and pretty much all of us threw everything we had before lunch.

One-footed invert, possibly while finding new back to back lines…  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Average number of hours you ride the warehouse per week?
I would say around 20 to 24.

What’s the sound system like in there; and what is usually playing during your normal sessions?
Speakers and an iPod… A little Motley Crue, Metallica , Slaughter, Cinderella, and some hard stuff Mike Laird plays. Haha.

Besides your warehouse, where do you normally ride?
Through the season, I pretty much ride the warehouse.

Besides your warehouse, where has been your favorite place to ride?
Matt Hoffman’s warehouse (circa ’92), Rampage (circa ’93), Jaycee (circa ’95).

Photo by DTM.