Corey Bohan Interview

2013 is set to be Corey Bohan's biggest in years. Not only is he staring down the barrel of defending his BMX Dirt crown, an event that's making its return to the big stage after a five year hiatus, he's also about to start filming the second series of his 'Wizard Of Oz' TV show that follows the lifestyle and antics of one of the world's best BMX riders and the life he leads. Making a return trip Down Under Bohan talks about where his heads at with it all, and the two events he plans to ride in NZ while he's here, Farm Jam and Red Bull Roast It! 

Corey will be defending the dirt title at X-Games he has held since the last competition over five years ago. Photo: Unit

Photography & Interview: Unit

Corey, how's it feel to be back home in Oz:
Great, I'm back home for around two months and real excited about it as I haven't been home for this long in a while. My plan is to do plenty of riding. I'll be heading to New Zealand for Farm Jam and Red Bull Roast It later in February, and in the meantime I'll be filming a 'Day in the life' type deal hitting up all my old riding spots around Brissy for my own edit we'll be putting out soon. I'll start filming for my next 'Wizard Of Oz' series as soon as I hit NZ.

Tell us a little bit about your plans for the second 'Wizard Of Oz' series:
The first series was pretty much full on no plans, no real agenda type deal. We just winged it and it turned out really well so we're going to go in with a similar approach and keep it pretty open. People seem to like the insight to what goes on in my life, and we just want to show everyone how much fun you can have in life.

Is it hard backing up after a successful series:
There is that expectation there, but for the most part because we just winged it for the first series we know by keeping it similar whilst putting more thought into the second we're confident we can produce something better.  Just got to keep it real!

Who's involved in making it happen:
It started as myself riding and Dave Mavro as the head of videography, and he has a buddy Ryan Navazio who steps in when Dave can't film, or at times we'll have both guys on the job. It's just us three getting out there, which makes it super easy to get around, just cruising and doing our thing.

Farm Jam, have you been before:
I've only ever seen the footage and heard the stories. It looks like an unreal time to be had. It's such a great vibe hangin' out on the paddock hitting trails with everyone doing their thing. I never get to do many events Down Under so I'm looking forward to getting amongst it with the Aussie and Kiwi riders, and just having a good time really.

Tell us about Red Bull Roast It:
The event is held in Queenstown on a unique piece of land the city gave Nathan and his crew out there. When it comes to dirt jumps this place is perfection. Anybody that's been to Queenstown knows how beautiful it is with the mountains surrounding the place, and the trails there are set up on the side of the road amongst it all. Everything about it is epic, the trails, the backdrop, it's unbelievable, and everyone just goes there because of the location, relaxed vibe, and perfect trails!

BMX Dirt has taken a back seat over the past few years and you're the reigning champ. How do you feel about Dirt coming back at X Games in 2013:
Wow, yeah, it's been like five years since Dirt was taken out. It's such a bummer because everyone has been missing it so much, and they just didn't really care about it, so I'm stoked we have the official word it will be back this year. I don't know what kind of course they'll build, but I know everyone is really excited, and with the new generation coming through right now up against the older gen like myself, and being the defending champ, the excitement is building to see how it will all go down. I'll be giving it all I got.

A lot has changed for you in the past five years, especially with new talent entering the sport. Who do you see as being the riders to watch out for this year:
Of course we still have the veteran Ryan Nyquist still holding his own and killing it, and there's kids like Dennis Enarson and Kyle Baldock throwing down tricks once thought not possible and progressing the sport. Anyone of the younger or older riders can do it, just depends on the day and what you're willing to do and have planned to do. I'm ready and excited for it!

Have you been keeping a close eye on trick evolution in these past five years and keeping your own up to scratch:
Yeah, the way the Double Back gets thrown around these days is still impressive to see, but scary at the same time. It's not something I'll ever do; I'm not willing to risk it. I've got my own tricks, I like to do opposite stuff, go opposite variation ways, which still holds its own to a certain extent. That's what I have fun doing, and that's all I've ever done, doing stuff I love.

Tell us about the set-up you have going on back in California right now:
January 2013 marked 10 years since I've been living over there and southern California offers so many good opportunities to ride. I have a good crew I regularly ride our own trail spots with that are about 20-minutes away from my home that's in a nice residential area. My day mostly consists of heading to the trails in the afternoons when summers are real hot, plus there are skate parks and good facilities close by like Woodward West we can hit up, and the surf's closed by.

Who's in your regular crew:
Around my area there's Heath Pinter, and his yard is where the trails are at. Plus I ride with a good friend of mine from back home, Dave Dilleward, and Ryan Jordan, Jason Enns, Mike Saavedra, and Anthony Napolitan to name a few. On any given day we can have a solid crew of 10 riders show up for a session and it's just real good times.

So 2013 looks set to be the biggest year for you in a while:
It is, especially with the Dirt contests coming back, and my second 'Wizard Of Oz' series under way soon. There's also a bunch of cool underground BMX events popping up as well, so yeah, it definitely looks like being my busiest for at least three years and I'm really looking forward to it.

Last question Corey, you've popped into the UNIT office today how's it been:
Yeah good, have been doing some shooting for the new catalogue with the guys, and it's all pretty new for me here with UNIT being my second year with them. Everything is coming along so well, from product development, the team, it all feels pretty good and I think there's a whole lot more to come yet so yeah pretty stoked.

Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview
Corey Bohan Unit Interview