The Coming Of The Common Crew – The Video Interview

Common Crew started as a group of friends, but over the past 6 years it has morphed into an entity… This video interview delves into each member of the crew as he is viewed by his peers, the roots of the squad, their new video “Monster Mash”, and everything  else in between.

Look for the “Monster Mash” trailer dropping on July 5th, with the world premiere going down this July 22nd at The Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. Premiere info below.

July 22nd @ The Yost Theatre. Doors open at 6pm, Video starts at 7pm. Bar, raffle, and apparel for sale at the event.

307 N Spurgeon St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

‘Monster Mash” will feature full section from Jacob Cable, Alec Siemon, Denim Cox, Ethan Corriere, and Julian Arteaga.