China Invitational Vert Contest Results & Photos


(Left to right) Kagy, third place; Bestwick, first place; McCann, second place. Photo: Mulligan


2009 China Invitational

Vert Contest

Last year’s China Invitational witnessed skate competitions and a BMX vert demo, but this year BMX Vert was added to the event as a competition, and eight of the best big ramp riders in the world were on hand at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium to throw down.

Only seven riders were originally invited (based off of last year’s Dew Tour standings), but when Jamie Bestwick was having trouble with his Chinese visa, Kevin Robinson (who had a valid visa) was called in to fill the spot. Jamie’s visa went through at the last minute, so with Kevin already on the list the number was set at eight.

Most riders agreed that the vert ramp was one of the best ramps they’ve ridden and it showed. Everyone was airing high and pulling big tricks. One portion seemed a bit under vert as it was throwing guys off a bit, and it probably led to a few crashes and un-pulled tricks in the process. Regardless, the riding was awesome and the heated comp’s winner wasn’t decided until the very last run.

I’m sure Jamie was glad his visa came through after he stole the win from Steve McCann. After going for broke and nailing a banger first run that included a triple tailwhip, Stevie held the top spot until Jamie’s second and final run. Knowing he had to beat a 91.83, Jamie unloaded with huge airs and back-to-back insanity. Jamie’s runs look so effortless and dialed despite the difficulty of his tricks. Floating alley-oops and regular airs, nosebleed height, and style like no other, Jamie put on a bloody good show for the Beijing crowd.

The contest will air on NBC on Sunday, June 14. Check out the gallery here for some pics and turn on the tube next month to see the footage.

Look below for photo gallery and trick lists for each rider’s runs.



1. Jamie Bestwick, 94.17

2. Steve McCann, 91.83

3. Chad Kagy, 90.00

4. Simon Tabron, 89.33

5. Jimmy Walker, 89.17

6. Dennis McCoy, 88.00

7. Kevin Robinson, 87.33

8. Zack Warden, 86.00


Trick by trick, here’s what went down.

(There may be a few airs missing and there’s definitely a few opposites that aren’t labeled)

Zack Warden

Run 1: toboggan, no-hander, x-up-to-turndown, one-handed x-up, invert, tailwhip, barspin-to-x-up, downside tailwhip, double tailwhip

Run 2: tabletop, one-handed tabletop, x-up, toboggan, tailwhip, one-handed x-up, x-up, no-hander, invert, turndown, x-up, handplant (crashed)


Kevin Robinson

Run 1: x-up, no-handed flair, no-hander, superman, 540 tabletop (crashed)

Run 2: x-up, no-handed flair, no-hander, can-can, flair, no-hander, alley-oop 540, no-hander, can-can, one-handed one-footed flair, opposite flair, superman


Dennis McCoy

Run 1: tabletop, can-can, 540, barspin-to-x-up, can-can lookback, tabletop, candybar, barspin, flair, barspin 540

Run 2: tabletop, can-can, 540, barspin 540, candybar, barspin-to-x-up, tabletop, flair, barspin-to-no-footer, alley-oop 540


Jimmy Walker

Run 1: x-up-to-x-up, x-up-to-turndown, no-hander-to-turndown, one-footed tabletop, barspin, toboggan, flair, seatgrab invert, 540, barspin, 540 tabletop, opposite one-footed tabletop, flair, barspin 540

Run 2: seatgrab, seatgrab x-up, no-hander, one-footed tabletop, x-up-to-invert, flair, barspin, 540, no-handed 540, flair, opposite flair, tailwhip


Simon Tabron

Run 1: tire-grab, no-handed 540-to-barspin, x-up, can-can x-up 540, turndown flair, one-hander, 900

Run 2: tire-grab, can-can lookback, invert, 540 tabletop, 900 (crashed)


Chad Kagy

Run 1: flair, no-hander, seatgrab Indian air, x-up, flair tailwhip, one-handed x-up, barspin-to-x-up, turndown, turndown, tailwhip, one-handed x-up flair (crashed)

Run 2: barspin-to-x-up, barspin-totailwhip, flair, x-up, tailwhip flair, one-hander one footer, turndown, no-hander, one-handed x-up, one-handed x-up flair


Steve McCann

Run 1: double tailwhip, alley-oop one-hander, flair, barspin, x-up, triple tailwhip, no-handed flair, barspin, x-up, turndown flair, 540 tailwhip

Run 2: double tailwhip, no-hander, alley-oop one-handed tabletop, barspin-to-x-up, flair, superman seatgrab, no-handed flair, barspin-to-barspin, tailwhip-to-x-up, can-can, candybar


Jamie Bestwick

Run 1: no-hander, one-handed one footer, invert, flair, downside tailwhip, superman seatgrab, turndown flair, barspin, 540 tabletop, tailwhip, downside tailwhip, flair, opposite flair (crashed)

Run 2:  no-hander, alley-oop downside tailwhip, superman seatgrab, superman, tailwhip, tailwhip flair, no-hander, downside tailwhip, 540 tabletop, flair, barspin, barspin 540, fastplant flair, flair, opposite flair