BMX Trivia: Joey Cordova vs. Matt Cordova

Fat Tony produced this for that Alli Sports channel before they went tits up. Not one to let footage go to waste, Fat re-edited it up for our viewing pleasure. Matt Cordova and Joey Cordova battle it out on some trivia with some dope trail clips mixed in to keep it fresh.

“It’s always awesome to see two brothers who ride together and both kill it, and that’s exactly the case with Joey and Matt Cordova. In between runs at the FOD Trails in So Cal they answered questions about each other in a fun little round of BMX trivia. 

(Filmed on May 14, 2013.)

This video is part of my “Better Late Than Never” series… A handful of videos I produced for Alli Sports in 2013 never went online after Alli changed the direction of their YouTube channel, so I did some quick re-edits so the videos could finally get out there. 

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Video by Fat Tony.

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