BMX Riders At Grammys – Mat Hoffman, Rooftop, Dave Voelker, & Simon Tabron

Last night just before winning the award for “Album Of The Year,” Arcade Fire performed at the 53rd annual Grammys and had BMX riders Mat Hoffman, Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla, Dave Voelker, and Simon Tabron literally doing circles around them.

They riders didn’t get a lot of close-up camera time, but Hoffman did take center stage at the end of the performance as he took off his helmet cam and pointed it at the crowd.

Screen shot of BMX rider Mat Hoffman at the 53rd annual Grammys after the Arcade Fire performance.

It was definitely a strange way to bring BMX to the masses since the guys didn’t do any tricks, but it was still cool to see four iconic riders worked into such a major awards show like that.

Rooftop was Tweeting all during the show and made the following comment directly after they got off stage:


Rooftop getting ready to shred the stage. Photo taken from his Twitter page.