Bike Check: Mark Mulville

Our favorite little crazy out of Florida, and his current setup of choice. Mark Mulville’s signature Subrosa Silva V2 is all-go with just the right amount of show. Hit it, bub…

Age: 29
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 150-155
Years riding: 18
Sponsors: Profile Racing, Subrosa Brand, S1 Helmets,, Dang Shades, Vans Shoes, Rockwell Watches

Mid-air triple ninja variations go down on this thing daily. Photo: Mulligan

Frame: 20.5" Subrosa Silva V2, which is my second signature frame through Subrosa.
Fork: Subrosa Villicus
Bars: Subrosa Villicus, 8.5" rise, uncut
Stem: My signature Profile stem called the Push stem. It comes in four sizes and almost every color you can ask for. I personally run a 48 mm.
Grips: I usually run Subrosa grips, but I currently have ODI Long Necks.
Bar ends: Subrosa
Headset: Shadow
Brake lever: Shadow
Brake cable: Shadow linear cable
Brakes: Shadow
Seatpost: Subrosa Pivotal
Seat: My signature designed Profile Pirates Wing P seat. Just recently re-released.
Cranks: Profile, 175 mm, 22 mm. Definitely a beefier look, and for sure stronger.
Chiggers: I set all my chiggers loose to find BMX photographers to latch onto and make their lives a living hell for a short period of time.
Bottom bracket: Profile
Sprocket: 30-tooth Profile spline drive for that clean look.
Chain: Shadow
Front Tire: Subrosa Gravedigger, 20" x 2.3". It's the biggest, best tire I've ever ridden.
Front Rim/hub: Profile Elite hub with a Sun Ringlé Envy rim, 36-spoke
Rear Tire: Subrosa Street Digger, 20" x 2.25"
Rear Rim/hub: Profile Elite hub with a 10-tooth driver and Sun Ringlé Envy back rim, 36-spoke.
Spokes: Not sure, but they're doing me just fine.
Pedals: Profile Gas pedals. The originals.
Helmet: S1 Lifer. Depending on what I'm doing, I'll run the certified or non-certified Lifer helmet.


Any modifications/extras?
I have brakes on my bike most of the time! That's kind of an extra these days.

Explain your setup in five words or less.
Probably the best setup ever!

Why did you choose to run the Gator coloway on your Profile hubs/stem/sprocket?
After my signature tree camo colorway was done, I wanted to do another version of camo and the Gator colorway was what we came up with. I called it the Gator Splatter and it became my second sort of camo signature colorway. Being my design again, I wanted to ride it and push it.

How do you place your bars?
Pretty much in line with my forks, I think. I like my bikes to feel kind of short, so it may be a spec back.

One-footed, x’d-up, seat grabber. Photo: Mulligan

How much did the carbon fiber headset spacer cost you?
It was $69. I got it for maximum speed. So far so good!

How do you like your brakes to feel?
I like when they're kind of easy to pull and not having to pull them too far into the bars. James Covington usually works on my brakes and makes them feel dreamy.

What's your seat height rule?
I like to be able to grab a fist full from the frame to the seat. I hate a slammed seat.

With signs of purple and blue under your black spray painted pedals, I'm guessing you like to use parts until they're spent—and not just get new parts just for the color.
[Laughs] Kind of, but not exactly. The reason for the two old different colored pedals are because I was trying to find parts to add some weight to my bike because I felt like it was getting too light! So I asked [Matt] Coplon at profile if they had any laying around. Sure enough they did, but they were just different colors. So I paintedthem and the black didn'treally stick. Oh well, I got some weight added on.

Overall, how do you like your bike to feel— chain tension, crank tightness, grips—thick, thin, new, or worn-out, tire pressure, et cetera?
I like a tight chain and cranks so my pedals stay where I left them when I'm kicking my legs all around. I like a medium thickness grip. Not too thick, not too thin. Usually run about 70 psi in both tires. I can't run any more because it kills my wrist if I do.

Toasty one-footed invert. Photo: Mulligan

What parts do you go through the fastest?
Grips are by far what I go through most. Besides that, I'd say tubes and back tires. That's about it.

Are you concerned with bike weight? How much does this bike weigh?
I am concerned about it being too light! I have been slowly adding weight this year because I felt like I was losing control of my bike when cruising bigger jumps. It started feeling uncomfortable! I think my bike weighs around 26 or 27 pounds?! Not sure, really. Haven't put 'er on the scale.

You got a name for this bike?
Not currently, but I think I'll name 'er "The Sword" after the band.

What's the worst thing that's happened to you on this bike?
Got multiple flats in a day. First world problems.

What's the best?
Every day I get on it and go for a cruise. "The Sword" always makes me feel good even while just pedaling down the road, but it especially feels good cruising on some jumps. It's a feeling unexplainable to someone who's never done it.

Kick-kick-chop-chop. Photo: Mulligan