Bike Check: Andrew Lazaruk

Lazer pulls double duty, flying the trail flag in the Corona area half the year and roasting Canadian concrete the other half. Dude lives the life and he’s got a pretty damn nice bike, too.

Name: Andrew Lazaruk
Age: 26
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 153
Location: California in the winter, British Columbia Canada for the summer
Sponsors: Volume Bikes, Hart&Huntington Clothing

Frame: Volume Bermuda 21″
Fork: Volume Hatchet
Bars: Demolition Combat
Stem: Demolition Monarch
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Brakes: Demolition Vulcan
Brake Lever: Éclat Sniper
Barends: Man, I can’t remember, but I think they are some old Kink metal ones
Headset: FSA
Clamp: built in
Seatpost: Demolition
Seat: Volume Flag
Cranks: Demolition Revolt
Sprocket: Demolition Merit 27t
Chain: KMC
Front Tire: Demolition Machete 2.25
Front Wheel: Demolition Ghost hub laced to a Zero rim
Rear Tire: Demolition Machete 2.25
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rogue hub laced to a Zero rim
Pedals: Demolition Trooper plastic
Hub Guard: Demolition front and back for the rare times pegs are on my bike
Chain Tensioner: Built into the frame
Pegs: Demolition Dumbchuck when they are on

How you been? What's new?
Good thanks! Just getting settled back into my California winter routine after being back home in Canada all summer

We have been holding to these photos a bit, are you still riding the same setup from the photos? How's everything holding up?

Yep, everything is still all the same. I know it’s cheesy/cliche/whatever to say but this is actually my favorite bike I can remember riding. Felt good as soon as it went together and still feels that way.

Do people usually ask you about the paint job? Still pretty unique even after being out for a bit.
Ya a lot! Everyone assumes it’s some custom job not a production color way. Definitely the most asked about bike I’ve had.

Did you modify any parts or do anything special?
Just cut bars and grips. I can’t do the super wide bars, so I keep mine just under 27″. Also cut my grips short, they are pretty much just the size of my hands. Anyone who ever jumps on my bike always makes fun of them haha. Everything else is stock

You in Cali or Canada right now? What's your snowbird schedule like these days?
Cali, but flying home to Canada just for Christmas/New Years at the end of the week. I’ve been fortunate the last few years to be getting that endless summer. I’ll spend the summers back home in Canada, working and saving up money then head to Cali once the weather turns. Try and stay down south till it’s warm again back home, or as long as I can afford to.

What part (or angle of a part/frame/etc.) are you most particular about one your bike?

Probably back end length. I’ve rode a couple frames with really short back ends and couldn’t stand it. I like somewhere in 13.75-14, which still isn’t even that long I don’t think.

What else is really specific to you when it comes to bike setup?
Probably just bar width, like I said earlier, I don’t like them real wide. I hate having a bunch of bar sticking out past the end of my hand. Having that get stuck in your shirt on tables is the worst. That’s why cut them and keep my grips short.

Tell me a story about Heath Pinter…preferably an embarrassing one.

We were just at a Christmas house party on the weekend. I stepped out towards the front of the house at one point and Heath was out there riding a small child’s bike out of the garage. Rode the bike through the house then back out to the front yard and smashed through about 15 poinsettia flower arrangements that were placed on the driveway/lawn. That’s not too embarrassing, but it was pretty awesome haha

If ya got 'em, this is where the thanks go…

Definitely do! Heath Pinter for sure, for letting me come stay at his place the first time I came to California and now live there while I’m here. Also, for the invites on a bunch of trips and a lot of good times. Brian Castillo/Volume for hooking me up with a bike to ride. My family and friends in both Canada and California, I feel really lucky to have the circle of friends I do. And thanks to anyone that checked this out!