The Best Web Videos Ever…This Week

Edits have a short lifespan. In an attempt to let them shine a little bit longer, I present The Best Web Videos Ever…This Week: a gathering of the best edits over the last seven days that we (myself, Lino, Jon, and Drew) think you should see at least once, maybe twice.

Stevie Churchill — OSS & Brandon Begin — OSS
Self explanatory, really. Undeniable that these two vids would be on a monthly list, maybe yearly.


Calling The Shots With Ridiculous Tricks In San Diego
Breaking up the seriousness, the boys in San Diego know how to turn any situation into a highly entertaining shit show.


 Tate Roskelley – Killjoy
Tate’s section from the NORA Cup winning Killjoy video is something all its own, yet somehow timeless. If you ask yourself “why” when watching this, then you don’t get it.

Umihiko Asano 2014
One that most people probably didn’t catch. Lino was really feeling this one: “Umihiko Asano looks like he feels comfortable on just about anything from ledges to big handrails or even tricks down sets like that large 360 in the last clip. The high production value of this also compliments Umihiko’s riding very well. I personally can’t wait to see more from him…”

Tom Dugan Does Malaga (feat. Brian Foster and Ruben Alcantara)
Just as I wrote the first time around, this is a wet dream of trifecta of transition riders.


Vans – Coastal Vibes with Dakota Roche
Hate lifestyle edits all you want, but this video from Vans does a great job of showing BMX in a rather pure form and besides, I’m down to watch Dak cruise the streets anytime.