Edits have a short lifespan. In an attempt to let them shine a little bit longer, I present The Best Web Videos Ever…This Week: a gathering of the best edits over the last seven days that we (myself, Lino, Jon, and Drew) think you should see at least once, maybe twice.


Zack Gerber – Oh Well Section
150k views in a week and the front flip heard ’round the world. Zack’s section is a lot more than just the banger and is incredible the whole the way through…and this section comes from a guy that lost his major sponsor at the beginning of the year and has had to pick up a daily. Hopefully this changes things for him.


Havana Connection: A Journey Into Cuban Bmx
On the opposite end of the spectrum, this video from Dillon Hearns hits all the good-feeling buttons with their venture down to Cuba to experience life, times, and deliver a care package of 250 lbs of BMX parts to the locals who are struggling to get parts of their own due to sanctions and finances. Honestly, this is my favorite video of the week, but for completely different reasons, of course. A must watch, though.


Darryl Tocco – Kink 2014 
Darryl is my boy and while the ingredients in Darryl’s riding may be common place these days, no one does it with the force and style that this dude does.


Sam Jones – BSD
As with most things BSD, this one is shot and put together great and Sam absolutely kills it. The sequence of tricks around the :35 mark clinch it as belonging in this group of videos and the banger is just icing on the already delicious cake.


Vans BMX – Street Dogs en Chile
Six minutes of Ty Morrow, Dak Roche, Bruno Hoffman, Sean Sexton, Brian Kachinsky, and Gary Young in a foreign land run by canines and littered with dope spots? How can you go wrong?


Volume & Demolition In Japan
Japan is pretty much my favorite place in the world and this co-op trip video does a damn good job of summing up the weird and wild of the Japanese people right alongside some dope riding from that stacked crew. And and, I’m pretty sure they pinched a bunch of footage for the upcoming Volume DVD. And, and, and I laughed several times while watching. Winner.


Pete Sawyer – A Week in the City
From a filming standpoint, I straight up geeked out on Mike King’s work in this one. The quick cuts and multiple, up-close angles really had me clicking back several times and the fact that Pete is a damn wizard in his own right didn’t hurt it, either. Well done on both parts, especially for just a week’s effort.

Mike Gray – Haro
Mike is the new golden transplant to SD and before I even clicked the vid, I knew it was going to be heavy. A level of freecoaster riding that few are on par with along with some straight up danger. Plus, remember when he did a bar to no hander off a roof? And it wasn’t the banger?