AveBmx: Miłosz Siajkowski – Welcome to the Team

Super duper widescreen might not be the best way to film BMX, but Milosz Siajkowski still lays down some solid lines at his local park for AveBmx.

We have met Milosz for the first time during AveBmx Tour in 2011. Since that time we knew that this kid definitely will have future in BMX. In 2013, he joined AveBmx Friends Crew and took part in Spontan Trip, which has shown us that Milosz is a perfect candidate for our Team. First of all, Milosz is a very cool and positive person. Moreover, his skills in park and street riding are amazing. Make sure to check his welcome edit as soon as possible 🙂 .

Filmed & Edited by: Mateusz Kanownik – facebook.com/MateuszKanownikCinematography
Music: April Showers (The Roots vs. Proleter)