Anthem II Declassified: Clint Reynolds/Big Credence & S&M News

We knew about this bit of news happening for a while but it was too rad to spoil the surprise: Clint Reynolds is producing Credence frames through S&M now–a seemingly perfect merger between the dude that has always done things his way and the company that has done it for the past 25 years. To celebrate, Stew Johnson finished up Clint’s Declassified section from the leftover Anthem II footage and to be honest, I have even more respect now in regards to his 2011 NORA Cup winning video than ever. It would have been painful for me to leave out a majority of these clips from the final cut of the flick and I’m sure Stew felt the same. Clint is one of BMX’s most underrated riders out there today and for the sake of none other than Clint’s fans, I sincerely hope that this new partnership between Clint and S&M means more of Clint seen by more people. Clint holds it down for the DIY spirit that BMX holds so much of and it would be beneficial for us all as a whole to see more of how the New Hampshire resident has been influenced by the lifestyle of BMX.

Clint Reynolds is known for hand crafting high-quality bikes for himself and his Mod Squad, which is why having him in Santa Ana laying beads on S&M/Credence frames for James P. Nutter, Matty Aquizap and himself right before taking off on their Maiden S&M/Credence veggie-voyage was so rad! Stew even finished up this Anthem II Declassified section to celebrate the momentous occasion. “Bienvenidos a la Familia amigos!”