An Actual Interview With Rodeo Peanut

I remember the first time I saw the Rodeo Peanut Instagram account; it was the Jeff Z as Mr Rogers post and I laughed my ass off. Once the laughs subsided, I tried to understand two things: who made it and why. I went all the way back to their first post and scrolled through and found that I cared less about the who's and whys and was just psyched on the fact that this "thing" existed. BMX and the people in it need a check, a little governing body if you wanna call it that, that doesn't let anyone slide by doing something wack and can get a damn laugh at the same time. It's the phenomena of Rodeo Peanut—people's outrage, the kid's on a mission to narc on everyone, the industry gossip, the pro's reactions—that is almost more entertaining than the posts themselves. So, I decided to hit Rodeo Peanut up with some questions to help everyone understand some of those “whys” so they can just sit back and enjoy… And, just to make it clear, I don't know who #1, #2, #3, and Fif are.


First off, what exactly is a "rodeo peanut?"
Fif Peanut: It was a name I came up with in high school. Just completely random.

RP in its earliest stages was a bunch of friends prank calling people in the BMX industry, right? How did the prank calling even come about?
Peanut #1: Haha yeah, about 12 years ago a pro rider we were friends with gave us the numbers from his phone so we could just mess with people. We were teenagers at the time, so we may have taken things a little too far haha. We also changed a couple of people's voicemails to some pretty wild stuff haha.
Peanut #2: I joined in toward the end of this. I remember hearing about some funny stories.
Peanut #3: It was before my time, but I do remember RP being a "BMX crew" that was the complete opposite of being serious. I'd ask a serious question and they'd always twist it into a stupid joke.

I always wanted to know, was it you guys that prank called me and pretended to be Steve McCann talking about getting in an RV or some shit? What about calling Gary Young pretending to be Jesus telling him that you wanted him to drink?
Peanut #1: No, but that sounds pretty good hahaha.

Who were some of the people you called the most?
Peanut #1: Robbie Morales, for sure. He found out who we were so it was kinda funny in a different way. Kevin Robinson, Ben Snowden, Chad Kagy. We messed with them pretty bad. Jamie Bestwick, also. He later found out who we were and we can all laugh about it. He's a cool guy.

How did they react? Didn't K-Rob or Kagy threaten you guys?
Peanut #1: K-rob threatened to fight one of us when he was doing a show in our town. We handed him a folded note that said Rodeo Peanut, haha. He confronted us and tried to intimidate us, but we were pretty young at the time so we knew we were okay, hahaha.

You guys got a little more organized and came out with the DVD called PuPuPlatter in 2007. At that point it seemed like you guys had become a crew of sorts, and then you guys pretty much disappeared shortly after the video, what happened?
Peanut #1: We filmed that DVD in our college days. We would ride, go to class, get drunk, then go back to the apt and upload footage. The DVD just kind of happened. Those were good times. After that we all started doing our own things, filming for other projects and such. So the Rodeo Peanut name just kind of died away.
Peanut #2: Yeah after the DVD everyone still hung out, but we didn't get to ride together as much as we did that year.

Why the resurrection now? And why a satirical Instagram account?
Peanut #1: It's funny, we made the account to just make fun of each other. Which we did for a couple weeks. I had a lot of free time for about a month and did a lot of stupid Photoshops. Some how we started making fun of other well-known riders and it just kind of took off, hahaha.
Peanut #2: We always made fun of each other for landing in grass or Indian-givers, so this was just another way of doing that. Like #1 said, it spread to more people and took off.
Peanut #3: I basically sent a funny suggestion to the man in charge. I think my first post was making fun of Adam22, Hinkens, and Kiraly's hairstyle using a Seinfeld clip (the Enzo). I also had a good amount of free time because work was slow at the time. It kinda just evolved into a satirical thing, but I know from years ago RP would always rip on each other's tricks when we'd go out to ride so I guess it just kinda went down that road haha.

I guess everyone will be mad if I don't just ask, so, who posts on RP? First and last name, please. I've actually heard people say like 40 people have the RP password. How many people are really involved? And can I have the password, too?
Peanut #1: Hahaha there are about eight of us directly involved and about five that contribute here and there. Everyone thinks they know who's creating/posting something, but I can guarantee they would be wrong.
Peanut #2: There are a lot of people contributing and posting that you wouldn't guess. RP is everywhere.
Peanut #3: As already said, there's a good amount of people that post. Maybe around six to eight. I don't know about 40 though, haha. Sorry, I don't know you well enough to post so I veto on giving you the password.

The Nathan/50k yen one was obviously timely and insanely appropriate, so this is like a chicken or the egg type question: Does the Seinfeld quote remind you of a clip or the clip of Seinfeld?
Peanut #3: Basically, I'm the Seinfeld guru of the group. Both scenarios you mentioned happen. I used to watch Seinfeld religiously so everything is burned into my brain. I do have some saved ideas that I'm waiting for the right situation to happen, but most of the time, we see something either online or on social media and it just reminds me of a Seinfeld scene/episode and then we start putting the idea together. But to answer your question about that specific post, I didn't actually remember the exact amount (50,000 Yen), but did remember the episode details and Yen being involved. When I pulled the scene again, it just happened to be 50,000 Yen. It was just one of those Rodeo Peanut miracles.

Who do you hate the most: Nigel, Catfish, or Ricany? And please list why.
Peanut #1: We don't hate anyone, but each one of them are just such easy targets that we really don't have to try. They bring it upon themselves.
Peanut #2: Like #1 already said, some people make it too easy for us.
Peanut #3: I never even met most of the people I make fun of, so no, I don't actually hate anyone. I figure if you're willing to post something for thousands of people to see, then it's open season. Plus, some people just post/release the most ridiculous things that I can't help but to make fun of it. I mean come on, we're all thinking it, so why not discuss it? Haha.

Obviously it's all in good fun, but has there ever been a post that you felt might have gone too far after the fact?
Peanut #1: Lol yeah, absolutely.
Peanut #2: There are a few coming up that might be.
Peanut #3: There have been a few that I didn't feel comfortable with. I can't think of one in particular right now, but I know I thought to myself "Damn, this is going to be ugly…" I try not to be too ridiculously harsh, but we do get each other's insights on a post to double check.

What is one of the best things you've heard/read someone say about Rodeo Peanut?
Peanut #3: I heard someone say "I love to double dribble. But what's Rodeo Peanut?" Thought that was pretty funny. But I haven't heard too much gossip or anything.

Considering the involvement some of the RP peeps have to the industry, is there ever any internal drama over some of the things posted?
Peanut #3: Not really. We all ride together so we have a decent idea of what's off limits or not. But we have said it multiple times: No one is safe…

In my honest opinion, I feel like it's great to have some sort of call-out in BMX for obvious fouls. Is that a byproduct of just having jokes or a conscious goal?
Peanut #1: It really is just jokes. It's hilarious to call out stuff like we do. BMX has become so serious over the past few years. People care too much about how they look. Some people might look at what we do as taking the fun out of BMX, but I say stop taking us so seriously, watch it and have a laugh. Besides all we're doing is posting what everyone's thinking!
Peanut #3: Like #1 said, it's just jokes to make BMX more fun and be less uptight about things. Anyone who takes serious offense to a landing in grass joke really needs some therapy. I'll admit…I'm guilty of all our violations. Honestly, I try not to do it again for my own personal preference, but if someone calls me out, I'd laugh and admit my guilt. It's all good, haha.

Kids tag you all the time, call shit out, and get angry. Has RP sort of gotten, for lack of a better phrase, too powerful?
Peanut #1: That's one part I don't care for too much. It's actually funny though I've had kid tag rodeo peanut on my personal page hahaha. Yeah right, buddy.
Peanut #2: NEVER.
Peanut #3: Eh, I don't think so haha. I enjoy the tags and stuff. It's almost surreal how popular it got. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that some of these idiots really get genuinely pissed off over this. Then why are you following us? Probably the same idiots that follow celebrities and just talk shit on them all day I guess, haha. Also, I plan to RP myself eventually.

Speaking of kids, describe the intelligence level of the average commenter…
Peanut #1: It blows my mind how stupid the average commenter is. Sometimes it gives me a headache; sometimes it makes me laugh my ass off.
Peanut #2: I am entertained everyday by the dumb comments, I love when people get all worked up and keep replying with comments.
Peanut #3: It's 50/50 in my opinion. Some have a great sense of humor, understand it's just a joke and take everything lightly. While the other half post the wildest responses and full of rage. If you don't like it, then don't like it. Why get all worked up over some dumb shit? We're here just for entertainment.

Do you really even care about landing in grass or double dribbling, or is it just some shit to get laughs?
Peanut #1: I wouldn't care if you caught the cross bar, double dribbled into grass, and then did an Indian giver. It's just for laughs. Think about how stupid it is to care that your wheels didn't land at the same time hahaha. But somehow it makes for a good laugh!
Peanut #2: None of us really care about it. It's just a way to have more fun with your friends out riding. The more stuff we make fun of, the more we laugh and the more fun we have.
Peanut #3: I want to say I care very much, but sarcasm doesn't seem easily detected on the internet. I don't care about those specific things, but I do for some other things. Because some clips make me think "what were you thinking?!?" so we have to rip on it. But for the most part, it's just to get laughs and have people lighten up, relax, and joke around more when they ride.

You guys made a FB and Twitter, posted a shirt design, and apparently Alfredo Mancuso scum'd ya on a url, but it seems like you guys are really doing it. What's in the works?
Peanut #2: There is talk of some riding edits again. We shall see.
Peanut #3: We're not sure yet. We all have full time jobs (some have two), so it's been tough to make time to get things done. But if anything we'll post updates on social media.