8 Reasons to See Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD

Considering that Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD just got back from the duplicators and is now available for purchase, I felt it was right time to put some words together about my favorite things from the video. Ryan Navazio really outdid himself with this one and it’s a must watch–keep reading to see eight reasons to pick this thing up (or at least get to a premiere to check it out)…

1. Alex Kennedy’s Insane Creativity
Alex Kennedy managed to film his most creative and quality part yet for Talk is Cheap, putting together a two song part that captures his low key demeanor and thoughtful character perfectly. AK is using his bike more creatively than almost anyone in the tech game these days and this is sure to be a very inspirational part for plenty of riders out there.

2. David Krone’s Breakthrough Section
If you’re looking for the most unexpected part in the video, this is it. The world has gotten a small glimpse of how good Krone is through random web edits and the praises of Ryan Navazio on his Navi Arm blog, but this is the first all out portrayal of what Krone really has in him. Krone has the balance point over his front wheel on lock, with countless nose manual and G-turn variations throughout his section. And of course, he does it in a pretty casual manner with a smile on his face the whole time…I’d say that it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing more from Krone in 2013 after seeing this one.

3. Full Baz Section
Nuff said. Timeless riding from one of the best to ever do it.

4. Chase Dehart’s Timeless Riding
Was there a question if Dehart still had it? I didn’t think so, and his part was another reminder of why Chase D’s been at the top of the game for years. This is one of Dehart’s best and most feel-good sections of all time–I’d almost cop the video for that reason alone.

5. Channeling the Power of the Hawk
Chase is at the point with riding where a video part almost isn’t up to him whether it’s going to be good–it’s up to the producer and obviously, Navaz came through huge with this section. The song is a nod to Chase’s power and finesse, showcasing him riding literally everything–but really highlights the Hawk’s street skills, which I always feel are a bit overshadowed by his incredible skills on transition. It’s all thrown into one section of controlled chaos and completely awesome–I’ll be watching this one for years to come.

6. Dakota Roche
Dakota Roche’s section is mind blowing. Every time you think it might be over, Dak returns for more, constantly finding the gnarliest wallrides to throw himself down or thinking of ways to one up himself at the countless crazy spots he’s ridden and destroyed over the years. Look for some insight into Dak’s insanity in an upcoming interview in the magazine…it’s safe to say that Dakota’s name is already sealed in the history books as a legend.

7. The Navi Arm
Navaz really killed it on this one. The fisheye is all VX, but the rest of the film is a solid mix of SD, HD, and Super 8 footage, cropped to the classic 4:3 aspect ratio to really give this a timeless feel. It’s safe to say that Navaz has the talent of crafting a full length video well under his belt, and visually the video is spot on from beginning to end.

8. The Navi Ear
This is no doubt Navaz’s most eclectic mix of music in a video to date, and it all works 100%. The music seems at times like it goes deeper than just the riding, and more often than not fits the personality of the rider as well. If we’re lucky, Talk is Cheap will go further than just influencing riding, but encourage some bolder and more creative music choices for videos in the future.