8 Reasons to See Animal’s QSS #4 DVD

Animal's been taking a quicker approach to their videos lately, with 2012 seeing two videos from the Animal crew. QSS #3 dropped at the end of summer and they followed up pretty quickly with QSS #4, which we'll be looking at today. QSS #4, They Too Crusty Wit It, is another Animal classic and well worth getting your hands on–let's take a look at why. Good news for Animal fans–QSS #5 is in the works by the looks of the blog posts on the their website as of late.

1. Lino Gonzalez's opening section.
Lino opens up the video with a super dope section full of unique spots and creative approaches to not so unique setups. Good mix of single clips and lines in the mix and a buttery smooth and big crooked grind at the end make this part a great way to start off the video.

2. Max Gaertig's footage.
The mix section sees some classic Gaertig moves–big ledges and rails, big 180s, and ultra crisp tailwhips.

3. Steven Hamilton clips.
Full speed gaps and some abubaca/hurricane moves–it's great to see Steven looking extra strong on his bike again.

4. Chris Silva's riding.
I think Silva is insanely underrated and always get hyped seeing clips of the guy. In QSS #4, he's got a handful of dope clips that are as always, creative and out of the ordinary.

5. Hamilton does a wallride to wheelie barspin.
Hamilton spins the bars out of a slant wall in QSS #4, much in the style of Ian Morris in BMX Inferno. Definitely a chill clip, but cool and kind of funny to see and very reminiscent of Ian Morris in his S&M days.

6. Clips of the new Animal pro Chase Dehart.
Chase and Animal are a perfect match for each other, and his clips in QSS #4 are on point, as always. Catch his "welcome to the team edit" at the end of the second mix.

7. A full Brian Wizmerski section.
Wiz has one of his better sections of late, with plenty of clips from Philly and a self-produced soundtrack. Wiz kills it as hard as ever and the Scerbo/Wiz combo proves to be failproof and timeless.

Hoogerhyde's Animal ad from Ride BMX Issue 186.

8. Garret Hoogerhyde's ending section.
Hoogerhyde has been on a tear the past few years and doesn't slow up in QSS #4. Garret has the last section and it's well deserved, with plenty of crazy and scary setups being handled with ease. Some will have some issues with the song but it certainly attracts attention–bold music choices are always applaudable in my book.

So that's it. If you're feeling these reasons, get ahold of QSS #4, which also features QSS #3, Foreign and Domestic, on the same disc.