2012 Dew Tour Ocean City–BMX Park Final Results

Brett Banasiewicz, Kyle Baldock, and Scotty Cranmer placed first, second, and third consecutively in BMX Park Finals at the 2012 Dew Tour in Ocean City, MD.

Much like Scotty Cranmer did the day before in prelims, Brett Banasiewicz opened and shut the door on the competition first run in BMX Park Finals at the 2012 Dew Tour in Ocean City. Banasiewicz improved on his runs from the day before, dropping flawless runs with a cash roll down the hitching post/step down in each of his runs. Kyle Baldock dropped an amazing first run, with a double whip down the euro gap straight into a 720 barspin over the spine. And while Scotty Cranmer was the man to beat yesterday, illness got the best of him and fatigue overtook him today–he wasn’t quite as on point as he was in prelims and eventually called his final run, letting the crowd know that he was on the verge of passing out. Cranmer did still have some great runs prior to this, however. Ryan Nyquist, Daniel Sandoval, and Harry Main closed out the rest of the field. Check back for a full photo gallery of the finals and a highlights video later tonight.

1. Brett Banasiewicz
2. Kyle Baldock
3. Scotty Cranmer
4. Ryan Nyquist
5. Daniel Sandoval
6. Harry Main

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