2009 Jomopro Park Final Results & Highlights

Another Jomopro has come to a close in lovely Joplin, Missouri and hundreds of riders and spectators are pouring out of Autumn Ramp Park with smiles on their faces. We have lots of photos and videos coming your way very soon, but for now, here are the final results and a quick rundown of highlights from the expert and pro park finals along with the Ride BMX best trick contest.

Josh Perry – One-Handed Seatgrab X-up

Ladies Class Results:
1. Nina Buitrago
2. Jessica Ausec
3. Angie Marino
4. Angie Zoppie

Jessica Ausec, Nina Buitrago, Angie Zoppi, Angie Marino

Intermediate Park Final Results:
1. Chris Tsai – 88.6
2. Jake Patterson – 85.7
3. Terrance Collins – 84.5
4. Jonathan McCarthy 84.5
5. Stephen Austin – 82.4
6. Lance Moore — 82.3
7. Jonathan Lewis – 81.6
8. Cory Morgan – 80.5
9. Robert Sheverbush – 80.4
10. Eric Jacobs – 80.1
11. Lucas Schaller – 80.0
12. Billy Wellman – 73.5

Jake Patterson, Chris Tsai, Terrance Collins

Expert Park Final Results:
1. David Greene – 87.3
2. Jeff Sadler – 86.3
3. Nick Summerlot – 85.7
4. Jared Hindman – 82.9
5. Broc Raiford – 82.6
6. Thomas Dugan – 80.7
7. Alex Landeros – 79.8
8. Mike Dinello – 79.5
9. Michael Puyear – 79.3
10. Tim Novak – 79.3
11. Dusty Coyler – 78.3
12. Blake Lamb – 77.9
13. Nick Garee – 73.7
14. Cody Hennings – 68.6
15. Justin Lucas – 32.6

Jeff Sadler, David Greene, Nick Summerlot

Pro Park Final Results:
1. Josh Perry – 88.9
2. Daniel Dhers – 88.7
3. Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz – 88.5
4. Craig Mast – 87.3
5. Jeremiah Smith – 86.9
6. Steve McCann – 84.6
7. Harry Main – 80.8
8. Brandon Dosch – 80.7
9. Brandon Christie – 80.5
10. Brian Stewart – 78.5
11. Austin Coleman – 77.6
12. Ricky Moseley – 77.5
13. Seth Klinger – 76.1
14. Trey Jones – 74.7
15. Chris Gerber – 67.7

Daniel Dhers, Josh Perry, Maddog

Ride BMX Best Trick Winner:
Josh Perry – 360 Barspin Catch Barspin To Tailwhip (Over the box in the bowl.)

Josh Perry and his new Harley Davidson.

Expert Highlights:
– Local favorite and last year’s intermediate class winner Blake Lamb has fast lines around the park and rode super smooth, but couldn’t fill his runs with enough bangers to place higher than 12th. However…that’s not bad at all considering he was in intermediate last year.
– Mike DiNello used his front brakes for a barrage of tech and creative lip tricks on the front wheel including a tailwhip to nosepick.
– Once again Tom Dugan blasted the quarter to the ceiling and made the crowd go, “Woooo!”
– Broc Raiford bumped up from the intermediate class this year after placing second last year and had jam packed runs including a 360 whip, perfect inverts, stylish 360 variations, a 720, and more…all with height and style.
– Jared Hindman was one of the few in the expert class to throw out a flair in his run. He did so after doing a fufanu on a back rail out of a very tight transition and blasting around the bowl with good lines and transfers.
– Nick Summerlot boosted the hips and carved the bowl furiously firing off turndowns, tables, and no-handers well above our heads.
– Jeff Sadler did a cool pocket to Ruben wallride in the bowl and a bunch of creative tech lip tricks like disasters to 360s and such.
– David Green is another hometown hero in Joplin and used the entire course while going fast and high on everything he touched.

Pro Highlights:

– Austin Coleman did a nice alley oop downside tailwhip from the 10 foot quarter in the back corner, pulling out to the smaller quarter. He also did his signature one-handed tailwhip, and even did a frontflip can-can all while wearing a vest.
– Brian “Stewy” Stewart obviously didn’t need brakes as he carved around impossible lines in the bowl throwing out stylish tricks like 360 tables over the coping spine, turndown variations, and a bunch of creative moves ending in fakie. If I remember correctly, he also did a 540 to disaster to revert.
– Brandon Christie did a 720 tailwhip, throwing the tailwhip on the second rotation. It was super wild, but only partially counted because he barely dabbed a foot. You can decide for yourself when the video is posted…
– Harry Main did a flair about eight feet out of the six foot quarter and nailed a flair to footjam. And of course his 360 inverts are picture perfect and super high.
– Steve McCann who won the best trick contest two years ago did a wild 360 transfer from the bowl side into the street spine side of the park, a no-handed 720 over the box, and a few huge pocket air variations in the big vert area including a no-hander and toboggan.
– Jeremiah Smith didn’t ride quite as well as in qualifying but still put together solid runs that included double whips, downside whips, 360 variations, lots of barspin variations, and a first for him…a flair whip.
– When Craig Mast was announced as getting fourth place the crowd booed. They thought he would have placed better after doing a 1080, triple tailwhip, and frontflip flair. However, he put a foot down on both the triple whip and frontflip flair and didn’t do quite as much during the jam session as the riders that placed ahead of him.
– Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz is only in eighth grade but has flip whips, flairs, and flair whips dialed. The young’n has gotten really smooth over the past year or so and has a huge bag of tricks. And it seems like he doesn’t get tired either…he just didn’t let off the gas all day.
– Daniel Dhers didn’t have to ride in qualifying since he won Jomopro last year. However, I don’t think it was the lack of practice that kept him from keeping his title as champion. Although he did several 720 variations, multiple flair variations, and a few 540 variations, he didn’t do nearly as much stuff in the jam format as Josh Perry did. Daniel rode almost as machine-like as ever today, but it just wasn’t enough this time around.
– Josh Perry was virtually unheard of in the contest scene until last year and this year looks to be very promising for the Greenville, North Carolina resident. Today Josh had back to back runs hitting every ramp with bangers like a truck to whip, 360 double whip, a 720, a double whip transfer, and lots more.

Best Trick Highlights:

– Chris Hughes and Matt Sparks both tried body varials over the box in the bowl several times and both will be paying the price tomorrow when they can barely walk. Both came close, but couldn’t make it happen tonight.
– Rob Armor was trying a decade to tailwhip and also took a beating. It’s an insane looking trick that hopefully he will pull soon on the right jump.
– Kelly Bolton wanted to redeem himself and pull the fakie font flip flair this year but he never quite got it. He had plans for other things after he pulled this trick, but they will have to wait until another time.
– Austin Coleman did an insane alley-oop double downside whip transfer over a gap and out to a quarter that was pushed forward. A foot blew off, but I’m not sure if it even touched.
– John Rodgers was trying 360 whip catch whips but never stuck it.
– Jeremiah Smith took a while with his trick but eventually got a stretched 360 downside whip to no-hander.
– And of course there is Josh Perry… Josh tried his banger once in his run and came real close but saved pulling it for when it counted to win a brand new Harley Davidson. With the clock winding down he pedaled from across the park, jumped into the bowl and did a perfect 360 barspin catch barspin to late tailwhip. Wow…

Video and photos soon!