2009 DK Dirt Circuit Final Results, Highlights, & Photos

The DK Dirt Circuit was one of the first dirt jumping contests ever, and several years ago they stopped having them..until now. This year, on their 30th anniversary, DK brought back the Dirt Circuit to their headquarters in Springboro, Ohio. The essence of BMX was in the air, dudes were sending it, and everyone loved the laid back atmosphere. Check out the highlights, results, and photos from the day and look for the video soon.

The biggest thing you need to know about this contest is that it had a very mid-school, hometown feel to it. No television pressure or schedules, no corporate people telling riders what to do, and no worries for anyone. This was a stress-free contest for all, and each of the riders seemed to have a great time despite the rough jumps. If anything, the somewhat sketchy jumps and pedal-your-ass-off runway added to the vibe and feeling of the day.

There were three jumps, and riders hit the section three times each. But if they didn’t get through the section due to a wind gust or just because they screwed up, they could get a “redo” if they wanted. That’s how laid back this contest was…you could get a freakin’ redo. So rad.

Seth Klinger went high and landed smooth and one of his best runs included a 360 no-hander, frontflip, and 360 whip.

James Foster did double whips, a bar catch bar catch bar, some barspin to barspin back to x up combos, flip whips, and a windshield wiper.

Lance Mosley surprised everyone by speed jumping the second set, taking a few hard cranks, and doing a perfect double flip on the last set.

Glenn Salyers had 360 double whips and frontflips in his runs.

Maddog did double whips and a few frontflip variations including a frontflip no-hander, frontflip x factor, and a frontflip no-hander where he clapped his hands (really loud) behind his back. Bananas.

Alistair Whitton cranked a few turndowns, stretched some no handers, spun a decade, and did some kicked out Superman flips.

Paul Langlands from New Zealand had all kinds of tech combos in the air. It was a long day in the sun for me and my brain isn’t recalling anything specific right now, so you’ll have to wait for the video for his bangers.

Brandon Dosch just won the Big In Bavaria contest in Germany after getting second at the Chicago Dew Tour so he is totally capable of throwing down, but he wasn’t really feeling the sprint-to-six-pack and played it kind of chill today. And by chill I mean triple whips, opposite 360 whips, 360 double whips, and so on.

Zak Earley has great trails style and goes super high with tricks like a tiregrab to no-hander, and toboggans.

Kris Bennett is an icon in our sport and dirt jumping contests like this one so it was a real treat to see him ride and do so well at this comp. He did 360s, 360 turndowns, opposite 360 lookbacks, and a superman. And in true Bennett bike-throwing fashion, he even ghost-rode his bike and launched it into the air.

Ronnie Napolitan and Drew Bezanson rode amazing in qualifying but didn’t hold it together in practice. You’ll be psyched on their clips in the video though… 720s, flipwhips, 360 variations, whip variations, and more…

Lance Mosley, Seth Klinger, James Foster

2009 DK Dirt Circuit Final Results
1. Seth Klinger
2. James Foster
3. Lance Mosley
4. Glenn Salyers
5. Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz
6. Alistair Whitton
7. Paul Langlands
8. Brandon Dosch
9. Zak Earley
10. Kris Bennett
11. Ronnie Napolitan
12. Drew Bezanson
13. Brandon Christie
14. Scott Wirch
15. Hugh Wetherspoon

All photos and captions by Fat.