10 Moments to Remember from 2012

There was a lot of awesome stuff that happened in 2012–I spent some time combing over some things from the year and picked 10 worthwhile moments well worth remembering…

Chad Kerley Invitational
Just a fraction of Chad’s accomplishments this year, the Chad Kerley Invitational brought 32 of the best street riders in the world to Brian Kachinsky’s pseudo-street warehouse in Chicago for one of the most intense weekends of riding I’ve ever witnessed. The BMX world got a small glimpse into the future with guys like Dakota Roche, Garrett Reynolds, and more showing what they’ve had up their sleeves and logged away on Mini DV tapes for months and years, and certainly helped usher in another wave of progression for street riding. At the end of the day, Garrett Reynolds showed that he’s still the boss, and the BMX world learned that contests don’t have to be restricted to box jumps and dirt jumps.

Texas Toast
Next to the Chad Kerley Invitational, the second incarnation of Taj Mihelich’s Texas Toast series was highly anticipated and equally as amazing in its own way. Progressively enhancing the contest from the past year, Taj really outdid himself and threw one of the best DIY-style contests of all time in a lumberyard on the East Side of Austin. Big names and no names all rode side by side for the weekend and despite close encounters with Mother Nature, the event was incredible and the other events surrounding the contest were great as well. Cult premiered their highly anticipated Talk is Cheap DVD, and Fitbikeco. surprised level four rider Brian Foster with the documentary BF-it, chronicling the life of the Blue Falcon. This was not a weekend to miss for any true BMX rider.

Empire’s Bad Idea DVD Completed
Twitter death threats to director Dave Parrick, rumors of inner-family drama and more couldn’t prevent Empire’s Bad Idea DVD from being released in 2012. Premiering in Long Beach and Austin, the video was instantly a Dave Parrick classic and another great video in the Empire line. With the video being in progress for so long, it’s crazy to think that they’re actually releasing the DVD sections online already–Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, and Sean Sexton have all seen their parts on the internet through Empire’s Vimeo account.

Matthias Dandois’ Street Evolution
Matthias burst onto the scene by winning over all sorts of riders with his amazing flatland riding and in 2012, brought it to the streets. Dropping a warehouse edit with a few random obstacles earlier in the year, Matthias continued his riding’s evolution, bringing it to a heightened level with his clips in Bruno Hoffmann’s “Back to the Berlin Streets” first episode. Considering the positive reception his riding has gotten and an addition to the previously flatland-less Haro team, there’s no doubt that he’ll be continuing to show off his smooth street style in the new year.

Steven Hamilton’s Comeback
There were few that could have predicted the year that Steven Hamilton had. While he’s been on the fringes of mainstream BMX for years, he moved back towards the limelight with a constant stream of photos on the Animal website and some clips in Animal’s QSS3 DVD. He also dropped two long web videos back to back and although he’s not doing as much deadman style riding as he has in the past, you can tell that Steven’s heart is back in it more than in the past. He’s also got an interview in the new Dig and if you poke around on the internet, you can find a spread that holds the quote, “I’m trying to get back to my old riding style now.” Animal is promising more from Steven in the near future, and I know I’m not the only one excited for this.

Chad Kerley’s Breakthrough Year
Chad killed the video game the year before with his two song part in The Hunt DVD, but 2012 was certainly Chad’s year. He signed with vitaminwater®, threw the Chad Kerley Invitational, dropped an insane MARKIT edit full of leftovers from filming for their DVD, was in position to end Garrett Reynolds’ X-Games winning streak, and continued his killing spree in numerous other projects. Capping it off by getting a Street Rider of the Year nomination and winning our Reader’ s Choice Award in Las Vegas, Kerley did 2012 up proper and will no doubt carry momentum into 2013.

Tony Cardona’s Epic Web Video
No one really saw this one coming. I had seen Devon Hutchins filming with Tony in Austin last winter (and even filmed a bail of his last trick in the edit) but didn’t really know what it was for–until we helped Empire drop this banger of an edit in the spring. The riding was straight up Tony’s alley and shows that he hadn’t been slacking a minute in the BMX department…

Street Riding Moves Even More Towards the Mainstream
Easily the most accessible and burgeoning realm of BMX right now, street riding really dominated BMX in 2012. The Bakery hosted the first core street contest, X-Games continued their street event, and Dew Tour brought both a street contest as well as BMX streetstyle to the plate in 2012, bringing BMX street to the public’s eyes in a way never seen before. In the non-simulated streets, the core riders continued to kill it. Garrett Reynolds dropped an epic Fiend edit featuring Deadline leftovers with the Deadline trailer hitting the web around the same time, and Cult’s epic Talk is Cheap DVD was primarily street from beginning to end. 2012 was big, but 2013 is going to be even bigger for street riding.

Deadline Trailer
Well over a hundred thousand views at the time of writing, the Deadline trailer dropped in the fall to the delight of a lot of riders. Love ’em or hate ’em, the Deadline crew is more than happy doing their own thing, and their individualistic nature is something to be applauded in BMX. The classic VX style, intimate lifestyle clips into the crew’s lives, and down to Earth vibe that the crew gives off were major topics of BMX conversation in 2012.

Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD
Possibly Ryan Navazio’s last video in an amazing string of Standard Definition productions, Cult’s new DVD has gotten nothing but praise from the BMX world and features diverse riding from the entire team. Everything about this video is on point and helped prove that DVDs are still a viable and valuable option for BMX companies to invest in for their brand’s image and give back to the BMX world.