The Trip Tape B-Sides – Mix Section

The Trip is back with another B-sides segment from their awesome DVD “Trip Tape” . This time its b-sides from their friends section. If you know the Trip boys at all you know they have a lot of friends so this section has a lot of familiar faces. Get comfy and hit play for over 13 minutes of antics, outtakes, and alternate angles from some amazing riders.

“B-Roll footage from the TripTape mix section featuring Boy Flores, Gabe Brooks, BlackMan, Brenden Reith, Wade Young, Matt Barchus (RIP), Steve Croteau, Aaron Brenner, Miles Rogoish, Tony Neyer and Colin Varanyak.
Filmed by: Ty Morrow, Steve Croteau, Fernando Gomarin, Aaron Brenner & Andrew Castaneda”

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