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Top Threes With Jib BMX Creator; Jon Schimpf

Pat Schlitzer stalls a subrail as Jon Schimpf handles lens duties.  All photos by: Steve Tassone

I first conversed with Jon Schimpf upon ordering my copy of 'Jib: Tape #3'.  A few months later, I was passing through Philadelphia and Jon, without ever meeting me (or my homies), showed us around and offered us a place to stay.  Though this sort of act isn't exactly uncommon in the small community of BMX, it nonetheless speaks volumes of the type of dude Jon is.  In a way, you could say that Jon serves as an ambassador of the Philadelphia scene…

While some riders are out there "cool guy-ing" the rest, you can find Jon with a deep crew, rolling through the streets of Philly, filming and riding under the Jib BMX moniker.  There's definitely something to be said about a guy who manages to produce three heavy sections from three separate crews all residing within the bounds of Philadelphia for the same DVD…Which is exactly what Jon did in 'Jib: Tape #4‘.  Get familiar with the mastermind behind ‘Jib BMX’, Jon Schimpf, in the latest edition of Top Threes.

Jon amidst a sizable crew, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Top Three Reasons to Film a Full Length:

– I've always been a fan of full lengths since the days when that was basically the only output for filming BMX videos. I suppose that nostalgic love paired with the current state of daily uploads pushed me in the direction of filming full length projects.

– Community. Full lengths bring people together both during the process and to view the efforts in the end. That collaborative effort where a group of individuals are working together to achieve a larger goal is really addicting.

 – Events that help to stimulate your local scene. If done right in the end, premiere's can benefit your local shop(s) and strengthen the scene.  It's always a great time to catch up with people you don't get to see on a daily basis and yell at a screen, and to meet someone new.  I think these type of events should occur more often.  Whether it's a short, mid, or full length film, setting up a public viewing can help bring more awareness to a project that might otherwise be quickly moved past to view the next post in an endless sea of blog/youtube uploads.

Get in where you fit in…Jon fakie wallride.

Best Things About Living in Philadelphia:

– The architectural offerings that are unique to philadelphia (both preserved historical and abandoned); finding beauty and inspiration within areas that others may deem as flawed.

– Being able to quickly link around to most areas in under like 20-30 minutes, and observing all of the differences between each of the neighborhoods along the way.

– The food. This city has a very large foreign-born population (like 30% in the NorthEast alone), so you can taste foods from all corners of the world. From authentic modest joints to contemporary places that promise ambience, there's constantly somewhere new to snag a bite popping up.

Favorite Places to Eat While Out Riding:

– Thang Long (Hanoi Style Vietnamese)
– Liberty Choice (Middle Eastern)
– Paesano's Girard (dank ass sandwiches)

Jon and crew train hopping up North.

Favorite Place to Ride in Philly:

– North Philadelphia
-West Philadelphia
-Pop's park / Poplar DIY (it's a tie)

 Favorite Videos Growing Up:

– Base Bklyn "Neighborhood Superheroes"
– Animal "Can I Eat?"
– Sombra "Finding Shade"

Fakie wall off the beaten path.

 Reasons For Shooting SD:

– My DVX hasn't died yet lol.
– Hopelessly in love with the aesthetic.
– Capturing tapes and drinking beer is meditation.

Favorite Moments From the Filming of Jib Tape Four:

– Seeing younger kids get stoked on something they're only just becoming familiar with.

– Knowing damn well that I am 29 but still getting that youth filled sensation I got as a teenager when discovering new spots.

– Having the opportunity to make new friends and film with new people, but also being able to watch people I've known for awhile continue to grow and develop their skills.

 Three Videos That Influenced You The Most:

– Standpoint "Left/Right"

– RideBMX "Insight"

– 90East  "Sound of the City"

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