Top 10 of 2016 – Tricks

These are our top picks for the ten most progressive, technical, and bat-shit crazy tricks that went down over the past year (2016). BMX is subjective form of self expression, so we didn’t attempt to list these in any kind of ascending or descending order. These are quite simply the ten most progressive tricks that stuck out to us (the Ride staff) over the past year.

Colt Fake’s “Blyther” drop-in to rail – X Games Real BMX

Colt Fake made some serious waves with his (fan-favorite-winning), X-Games Real BMX section. The whole part was bonkers, but that ridiculous “Blyther style” ninja-drop to steep rail was so unexpected and absolutely an NBD. If you didn’t yell out loud at your computer, maybe it’s time to reevaluate some things. All hail Colt!


Erik Elstran and Aaron Ross’ curved wallride doubles stunt – Sunday “Grow Up”

Serving as the ender for the doubles section in Sunday’s full-length release “Grow Up”, the level of risk involved for both parties, and the sheer magnitude of the “close call” make this one of the most memorable and insane BMX stunts to be performed on video this past year. Chris Childs’ reaction is the icing on the cake. Buy the video here!!


Morgan Long’s Half Cab Threader – RideBMX Interview / Pro Part

Not much needs to be said about what is undeniably the most gnarly and tightest half cab thread-the-needle of all time. This photo ran in Morgan’s Pro Interview from issue 216 of the magazine. You’ll have to wait for Morgan’s Ride Pro Part for the clip, shit is LUDICROUS.


Justin “Lil Juice” Gautreau Whips El Toro – CultCrew

Almost more about the moment than the trick itself, Justin Gautreau aka “Lil Juice” came to Southern California from Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his sights set on El Toro. When he arrived he was met by an angry employee wielding a golf cart, determined to stop him at all costs… The rest is history.

Kenneth Tencio’s stair set flip – RedBull

Kenneth Tencio first mentioned the idea of the stair-set backflip a few years ago while at FISE in Chengdu, China. I thought he was out of his mind, but at the same time I knew deep down that if anyone had the skill and tenacity to execute such a move, it was Kenneth. Fast forward less than 2 years later and Kenneth stomped that shit like a boss, (on what is probably the most sketchy possible stair-set to try to backflip). Will it go down again on another set/setup? Only time will tell.

Pat Casey half cab whips a spine – Van Doren Invitational

Pat Casey is hands down one of the most progressive mini-ramp riders in recent memory. Pretty much everything he did this past year at FISE Montpellier’s Mini Ramp Finals could’ve made this list (180 whip to fakie double whip, and 180 bars to tuck no-hands to fakie 360-whip). But it was his somewhat simple yet absolutely RAW half cab whip over the spine (at this year Van Doren Invitational Bowl Jam) that stuck out to us the most. Has anyone even done a half cab barspin over a spin yet? Pat is two levels up on this mini-ramp shit.


Kostya Andreev – double whip to foojam whip to bars – FISE

Another ridiculous trick combination that was a product of FISE’s Montpellier Mini-Ramp Finals… Kostya Andreev is a powerful park rider from Russia who blows minds at every stop of the FISE contest tour. Just this about this for a second, then watch the clip… Air out of a quarter pipe and do a double tail whip, then somehow manage to land in a foot jam tail whip, get that around and then last minute throw the bars while popping back into the quarter. Kind of hard to imagine what that might feel like. Kostya is an ANIMAL.


Christian Rigal, backwards rollercoaster – United “Still United”

Technically it was a backwards-pegs to predator into a backwards rollercoaster, and man was it savage. Nearly at the very start of Christian’s epic United “Still United” section, this clip sets the pace for what was the most rail heavy section of the year. So sick that Matt Beringer was even there to congratulate Christian on taking this setup to the next level. (Matt Beringer did the rollercoaster grind back in 1999 for a Redline poster, then again in 2000 for the video footy). Buy the video here!!

Sketchy photo of a television screen because this video ain’t online yet!!

Nathan Williams Manual to 180 Rincon – United “Still United”

The biggest and most insane manual 180 of all time!? Nathan Williams very well might hold that title, but it wasn’t even a mere manual 180! It was the end of a line where Nathan tire-rides a rail, then lands in said manual, then proceeds to BANG YOU OVER THE HEAD. Nathan won video part of the year and street rider of the year at this years’ NORA Cup, and with very good reason. Buy the video here!!

Photo – Fudger

Hoffman’s highest air

Mat Hoffman's lifelong quest to go as big as possible continued last summer when fellow maniac Danny Way invited him out to ride his massive new roll-in to quarter. Hoffman’s historic high air from 1991 is an image that is seared into my brain, it almost looks fake, and the fact that he was getting a motorcycle tow-in to a single, 24-foot tall quarter pipe is simply unbelievable. Matt aired 26.5 feet out that day in ’91, but what’s even more unbelievable is that this past year, at the age of 44, Matt did the damn thing all over again. (Even though it was technically 2015, but Matt had to keep things under wraps for a year since the feat was performed on Danny Way’s ramp.) What a legend!



Honorable mentions…

Colt Fake’s roof feeble – X Games Real BMX


Jason Enns’ downside double pegs over the stairs – Volume Bikes frame promo


Ty Morrow’s “No Bicycles” ender – Fiend

Jeff Z Photo
Photo – Jeff Z

Liam Zingbergs’s kinked rail to ice banger – BSD “Transmission”


Dakota Roche’s banger ice to second-set gap – Vans “Illustrated”

Nathan Williams, switch-footed oppo hanger – RideBMX Interview (Etnies “Chapters”)

Photo – Jeff Z

Irek Rizaek – 360 whip to bar to down whip – Simple Session



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