Eclat Mirage Tire Promo

Eclat put together a quick 40 second video to promote their newest tire, the Mirage and it definitely got me stoked to try one out. Tires are one of the few places on my bike that I actually care about the weight and if the tire is sturdy enough for some of the insane things the Jordan Godwin can do then it is likely strong enough for you to ride and watching a few clips of Jordan riding is never a bad thing.

Something totally unique in our product line and the BMX market overall, the Mirage tire might just be the most advanced tire we've ever designed. Built on the premise of a super light tire that was strong enough for the toughest street riders on the team, the Mirage uses a high-quality 120tpi casing and a specially designed dual compound tread that is smooth in the center, but with plenty of grip on the outer tread for traction and control whilst cornering and carving.

Available now in 2.35″ and 2.25″
Regular wire bead, and Kevlar folding bead options also available.

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