Chris Silva- Miles From Nowhere

Chris Silva has always been one of the more entertaining riders on a bike. We don’t often get to see much from him but I know he is always out stacking so whenever he does drop a video you know that it is going to be incredibly solid! All of the pegless shredding you have come to expect from Chris along with a bunch of moves you definitely didn’t see coming. These spots made me want to go out and ride and there is no better feeling a video can give you than that!

“Filmed during 2014 & 2015, released at the start of 2017(cause I sit on footage forever, haha)
Filmed by: Michael Baker, Chase Davidson, Andrew Gobbo, George Carijutan, Ruthless Aussie, Nari, Rob Dolecki, Enrique Abarca, Peter Dai, Steven Moxley, Matt Colenbrander, Zak Vieira.
Intro artwork by: Brian Christopher
Song: Cat Stevens- Miles From Nowhere”

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