Chase Bicycles has been running through the rumor mill about their new carbon frame. By now it is no secret the frames were going to be made and brought to market, it was just a matter of when. Well, today is your lucky day. Olympic Gold Medalist Connor Fields took to his social media channels to announce the launch of the brands pre order launch. Connor has been a part of the Chase team for quite a while now and we can certainly expect to see him on one of these beauties quite soon.

The new offering from Chase will be known as the ACT 1.0. For the past three years, Chase has been working on the development of this new frame and there will certainly be some loft expectations. The good thing – I believe this is one of the better looking carbon frames on the market. There is definitely a bit of “factory” styling that aides in that.



Technical Jargon….

Chase is going to start off with six 20″ sizes with more in the works. To kick things off there will be Pro, Pro +, Pro XL, Pro XL +, Pro XXL, and Pro XXL +. For all of you little shredders out there, expect to see the smaller frame sizes from Expert down come December. Just in time from Christmas Mom & Dad.

Each of these frames will come equipped with the Elevn carbon seat post, which weighs in at just 2.2 oz. You will also get an integrated seat post clamp (similar to the one on the GT Speed Series), as well as two sets of chain tensioners. Those tensioners will be one set of 10 mil and one of 20 mil which will give you some freedom for hub choice. Other features are a 1.5″ OS integrated tapered headset with a 1-1/8″ top. Internal brake cable routing and recessed brake bosses and a Press fit BB86 integrated bottom bracket.

You will also have four color options with two finishes. Black/Yellow, Black/Blue, Black/Red, and Grey/Neon Yellow in matte or gloss finishes.

For the first run frame sizes, the weights run between 2.46 ounces on the low end and 2.86 on the high end. The Pro XL chimes in at 2.62, just three hundredths of an ounce lighter than the Speedco Velox as a point of reference.


The Possible Dagger…

This frame has some solid hype around it. After reading through the tech specs, everything seems to be pretty solid about this new frame. Now, time for the bad news. The cost to get your hands on this frame is pretty steep. The ACT 1.0 will retail for $1,399. Personally this price is astronomical when compared to the other carbon BMX frames on the market. Here are some comparisons.

Speedco – $1,099.99 — Supercross – $1,199.95 — GT – $1,400 — Haro – $1,099.95 — Redline – $899.95

At first look you can see the GT Speed series is going for the same cost. However, the GT comes with a carbon fork. Putting it into that perspective, it is clear that the Chast ACT 1.0 is going to undoubtedly see some backfire with their price point. Even seeing things from this side of the industry, the current competition is not blowing out all of their frames. No doubt carbon is expensive. But if some brands are not seeing giant numbers with prices hovering around $1,100, how can you see the $1,399 price tag gaining a ton of ground with parents writing checks and swiping plastic? Only time will tell, but I can almost guarantee that will be a downside that may have to be re looked by the Chase brand.

Final Thoughts…

We reached out to Pete Dylewski of Chase for a quick statement about the new ACT 1.0. He had this to say, “Over the last 3 years, we have been designing, developing, riding, testing, and refining the CHASE ACT 1.0. We wanted to make sure that when we had a Carbon-fiber frame for sale, it would be the best that we could offer BMX racers and not just have a frame made out of Carbon since its the latest and greatest.We feel that the ACT 1.0 Carbon frame offers riders options no other Carbon BMX frame currently has. We also feel that the Championship winning geometry carried over from the RSP 3.0 frames, along with the advantages of Carbon in a race frame, will be an aid from making a good rider into a great rider aboard the Chase ACT 1.0.” 

Chase definitely swung for the fences on their launch of the ACT 1.0. While there are many features that make it go bar-to-bar with their competition, the price still may shy away some buyers. Either way, check out for all of the info and your chance to pre order now. Chase is expecting the first run to arrive at the beginning of July with their second run making an appearance in mid-August.