Alah Cah-Cah at Malang Fest and Reunion 2013

Malang Fest and Reunion 2013, is an offering of Malang City government with d\’Kross Community as a venue for gathering Arema and people in Malang, Indonesia on Sunday, September 16th, 2013. Various events have been held here, such as: Carnival decorative car, Lantern parade, Boxing, X-treme Game (BMX and Skate Competition), and etc. There I also met with any one of the legends in East Java: Lukman Makor and Bon Prasetio from Indonesia. Highly influential to the development of BMX in Indonesia, especially in East Java. Today I will present scene \”Malang Fest and Reunion 2013\”, especially for BMX Street and Congratulation to Arnou, won the open class.

Highlights: Malang Fest and Reunion 2013, BMX STREET

1st Arnou Yogi\’e (left)
2nd Arya Dypta Harsa Abimantrana (center)
3rd Kolly (right)